Winner! Join Me on Sunday for My LAST Live Reading!

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“Winner” Live-Stream this Sunday

It’s been nearly a year since I started reading live on Facebook from my memoir, Watching P0rn, about my time as an adult entertainment journalist. And now the time has come to wrap it up! This Sunday, June 28, I’ll go live at 1:00 p.m. to read the final chapter of the book, “Winner.” This chapter will take you through two of the most amazing moments of my life, when my years of work trying to demystify and destigmatize the subject of pornography finally began paying off! I felt like a winner when I debuted my one-woman art show, “Consent”! And again later when I won a major industry award for my work. I’ll tell you all about it this Sunday!

Older Videos & The Book

You can watch the other twenty-one videos in the series on Facebook or YouTube right now if you’d like to catch up! They’re all set up and ready for you.

And you can nab your own copy of the book (which is the winner of an IPPY award and highly critically acclaimed, by the way, cough cough) right here! It includes supplemental materials, like a glossary of p()rn terminology, a viewing list for the feminist-minded smut watcher, and a recommended reading list. Plus, I’ve cut out sections of the book that weren’t suitable for Facebook, or which made chapters too long to read live. So, if you want the full experience, grab your own copy of Watching P0rn over here! You can get a signed copy from me directly, or order from a book retailer!

Come See Me!

And hey! Don’t forget to drop by this Sunday afternoon to hang out with me while I read “Winner” live for the whole internet to see! It’s going to be an emotional chapter, and an emotional last live-stream. Please drop by to say hi on Facebook as I close this chapter—and the whole book!

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