The Healing Anthology Is Here—With 2 New Comics by Lynsey G!

The eighth indie comics collection from Oneshi Press has landed, and it’s got two short comics by yours truly in it! There are also twelve other short comics from nearly two dozen other badass indie creators in these 120 pages of fabulousness. And they’re all centered around one theme: healing. We could all use a bit more goodness in our lives these days, and this anthology is jam-packed with explorations of trauma, redemption, and healing. It’s really a gorgeous collection, and I know you’ll love it. It’s out in limited-edition trade paperback now, with a digital release coming next month!

The Healing Anthology

lynsey g OPCA #08 cover by james groeling

Wrapped in a beautiful cover by James Groeling, anthology eight starts with PJ Harper’s multi-character introduction.

lynsey g opca #08 pj the villain intro panel

Next, it’s V2.3 of the epic graphic novel from Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco, Tracy Queen! Learn about Nikola the racoon’s past—and how he deals with his trauma.

opca #08 lynsey g jayel draco tracy queen nikola the raccoon

Then, it’s on to “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely and Desiree King’s “Finn: Guardian of the Five Gates.” Follow a teen rocker into a realm where the mistakes of her parents mean only she can save the world…again. UGH!

lynsey g opca #08 kevin sheely desiree king finn guardian of the five gates

Next, Grivante and Samir Zee Simão’s Zee Brothers face their fears! They set off to help a homeowner with a zombie infestation in “The Case of the Zombie Omelet,” Part 2.

lynsey g opca #08 zee brothers grivante samir simao
Then, float into a beautiful meditation about dissociation and identity in the haunting short comic “Far Away” from Jacey Chase.

lynsey g opca #08 jacey chase far away

Explore friendship’s healing powers, whether real or imaginary. Dive into AJ O. Mason and Luca Cicognola’s “My Giant Strange Friend.”

lynsey g opca #08 my giant strange friend aj o mason luca cicognola
Next, discover a redemptive graphic novel that transforms a chicken wrestler into a savior. It’s the introduction to Jayel Draco’s “Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter”!

lynsey g opca #08 jayel draco mr. guy zombie hunter

And then journey into a supportive yet dangerous adventure with a polyamorous trio! The first half of “Detour” from Allison Bannister and Tom O’Brien is a refreshing new look at fantasy.

lynsey g opca #08 detour part 1 allison bannister tom o'brien
Next, enter a world where medicine, addiction, and blood have become complicated bedfellows. “Ziegler Box, Part 1” hails from Chaka Brown Freeman, Vicente Alcázar, Greg Gallagher, and Nouri Zander.

lynsey g opca #08 zeigler box part 1 chaka brown freeman vicente alcazar greg gallagher nouri zander

Up next, return to the vast fantasy universe of Children of Gaia with Peter Lampasona and D.L. Johnson. “Carrying Iron” offers our firs glimpse into the realm of Terra…and its shady underworld.

lynsey g opca #08 carrying iron peter lampasona dl johnson
Then, Oneshi Press debuts its Poets and Artists series! Jenny Williamson’s haunting poem about grief and survival, “Lungs and the Ghosts of Lungs,” becomes sequential art by Libby Bacon.

lysney g opca #08 lungs and the ghosts of lungs jenny williamson libby bacon

In “A Tale of Good Intentions,” a superhero realizes that trauma doesn’t have a quick fix in an unsettling tale from Patricia Loupee and Amy Hay.

lynsey g opca #08 a tale of good intentions patricia loupee amy hay
Next, “Quantum 1.1” finds a Northern Cheyenne woman grappling with a missing sister and newfound superpowers all at once. Lenny Peppers and James Mason team up to deliver this first installment of a new indigenous superhero comic!

lynsey g opca #08 quantum lenny peppers james mason

Finally, begin the third arc of Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s PACK. Here, the gentrification of these stray vigilantes’ mean streets has begun…

opca #08 pack temperance lynsey g jayel draco

These pages are packed with art and comics, pleasure and pain, healing and redemption. Perhaps it will help you find your own!

Nab your limited-edition trade paperback today!

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