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Facepalms all over the damn place.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a writer, but I am also an editor and proofreader. I make the majority of my living on proofreading and copyediting books for major publishers on a freelance basis. This leaves me with many #writereditorproblems. Case in point: I just finished proofreading a novel that I found utterly repugnant, and I need to relieve some pressure. Actually, I already did, over on Twitter (@misslagsalot). Now that I’m done with it I wish I’d live-tweeted my growing frustration with this book because I’m sure I’ve forgotten some grievances, but…

The real tragedy here, however, is that I can’t actually have a drink yet because now that I’ve finished the proofread, I have to go back through the entire 464-page manuscript and check all of my work. For like two hours. So I’ll be doing that for the evening. Goddammit.

But hey, let’s not focus on the bad! Let’s focus on the cool, like Jon Pressick’s latest links roundup, featuring my story at MEL about PayPal and Patreon teaming up, and lots of other sex-positive goodies for your enjoyment. Hooray! And also like the fact that I went to a brothel museum last week, and as soon as I’m done with this boorish proofread project, I will write about it so you can enjoy it, too!

Oh PS, for non-sexist, non-racist, non-homophobic, non-religious-elitist reading material, you can jaunt on over to my publishing company’s Patreon and subscribe to help us produce progressive, feminist, inclusive, diverse, and beautiful art books of all kinds in exchange for my undying gratitude and cool rewards! I highly recommend it!

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