PayPal & Patreon: Together at Last!

paypal & patreon nsfw lynsey gI’m extreeemely excited to share my latest article at MEL with you, not just because I get to brag about it but because THIS IS BIG NEWS!

Patreon, the crowdfunding website that utilizes a subscription model rather than one-off payments, has reached a deal over two years in the making with payment processing behemoth PayPal to once again allow adult content creators to process payments using PayPal.

This may sound like a not-so-big deal–after all, not that many among us use Patreon. And Patreon is welcoming to sexy content creators only if they don’t make explicit photographic porn. But it just might signal a possible shift–however small–in PayPal’s willingness to work with NSFW merchants.

Patreon and PayPal were buddies until March, 2014, when PayPal threw something of a hissy fit over Patreon’s hunky-dory attitude toward adult content and threatened to stop all payments to the site. Ever since, it appears, the two companies have been in talks to restore PayPal functionality, and those discussions finally came through earlier this month.

I wrote all about all of this at MEL–please read and feel free to comment! This could be the beginning of something big!

(Full disclosure: I’m particularly excited because not only will lots of people I know, who make sexy stuff and get funding via Patreon, be able to get paid for their work more easily, but because I also use Patreon to fund several book projects–one of which is quite sexy in nature. If this deal between Patreon & Paypal holds, I might be able to make my book and not worry so much about who will be willing to pay me for it! HOORAY!)

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