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bright desire lynsey gMaybe you’ve heard the recent hype about a little adult website from down under called Bright Desire—it’s just received Best Alternative Website award nominations from both XBIZ and an AVN. While Bright Desire has for years been collecting Feminist Porn Awards and Cinekink, as well as acclaim from the feminist porn community here and abroad, these two recent nominations from the porn industry’s biggest and most auspicious organizations put Bright Desire squarely on the map with the biggest players in the mainstream porn world. And I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve been a fan of Bright Desire’s creator, Ms. Naughty, for years now. We’ve met at a number of porn-related events in the U.S. and have seen eye to eye on a whole lot of topics commonly discussed in feminist porn circles. And every one of her films I’ve seen at screenings and festivals has impressed me.

But I had never actually seen the entire website. I had a vague idea that I might like it, but that was as far as I’d gotten. So when these award nominations came in, I thought continue →

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Jim the Butcher Whoops Porno Jim Radio Show Lynsey G

Sorry about the mix-up! I’ll be on another radio show!

Sorry, my lovelies, for the misdirection about a supposed radio show last night! Porno Jim and I were under the impression that the episode of the Porno Jim Show we recorded together over the summer would air last night on Radio Free Brooklyn, but we discovered after the broadcast began that there had been a scheduling mix-up! My episode will air next Friday, November 27, at midnight EST!

Don’t be sad, my snuggle muffins, if you continue →

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Jackson Square Display by Jenelle Leigh Campion

Jackson Square Display by Jenelle Leigh Campion

Please please please, go read the interview I did with artist/healer/witch Jenelle Leigh Campion for Luna Luna Magazine!

Jenelle Leigh Campion

Jenelle Leigh Campion

Jenelle is a shamanic healer, artist in many media, podcaster, feminist, MFA holder, sacrocranial journey therapist, massage therapist, reiki master, ritualist, promoter of love, and all around badass who sells her art on the street in the French Quarter of New Orleans–in Jackson Square, specifically, if you happen to be passing by.

This interview goes very deep, and we had so much fun talking about tradition, ritual, spiritual maturity, sound as energy, art as offering, goddess ancestry and wisdom, and much more. A teensy nibble:

“My intention with this goddess painting project is to signal-boost a bunch of goddesses. I don’t want to explain or teach, but people will be able to look at these ladies who have the facts. This is my practice, as a super-sensitive person: I have very bodily experiences of energetic things and spiritual experiences. And painting is one way that I can translate that outward.”

Read the rest at Luna Luna Magazine, and check out Jenelle Leigh Campion’s work!

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Image: John Lund/Getty Images

Image: John Lund/Getty Images

I’m not sure how closely other people follow the obscure world of sexual arousal studies. But I do know that I pay attention to it pretty closely. The subject matter is fascinating: What turns people on, and why? And the methodology is also riveting: How does one go about finding out the answers to these questions? How reliable can the answers ever be when it comes to something as subjective as arousal? (For some really entertaining answers, and a lot more questions, I’ll point you in the direction of Mary Roach’s bestselling book Bonk. It’s a hilarious and far-reaching round-up of hundreds of years of sex research, and it’s brillz.)

And that’s really the crux of most studies on human sexuality: If one finds a way to measure something about a human, does that measurement really represent the inner reality of the human in question? Especially when it comes to the female of the species, the prevailing wisdom on sexual arousal has long been a sort of collective shrug. Women, it turns out, are complicated. And that’s confusing to science, which really wants to put everything into neatly separated little boxes that can be labeled. But female sexuality routinely slides around between boxes or refuses to sit in them in the first place–as fluid things tend to do. This makes room for plenty of wild speculation and thus leads to headlines that get plastered all over the Internet about the (yawn) mystery of the female gender. continue →

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You guys.

Oh my god.

Sometime at the end of last week, I was poking around on my website trying to find some old interviews I did for WHACK! Magazine. I ported most of my work for WHACK! over to my website in the early days of this blog, and then when WHACK! lost all its archives, I was super excited to have saved it all. But last week, I couldn’t find any of my interviews. I nearly lost my mind. Here I’m working on a book that will rely heavily on information mined from interviews I did for WHACK! in years past, and I seemed to have lost all of them to the abyss on the other side of the internet!

So I did some more poking and realized suddenly that–holy crap!–all of my WHACK! materials still exist, but they had all been grossly mislabeled somehow in the process of moving them to this website!

This sent me down a gleeful, horrible, neverending rabbit hole of website reorganization that I have spent roughly the past five days working on like a maniac.

The good news is that my website is now fully, perfectly categorized and almost-completely tagged. Every blog post and article here is now grouped properly, should be under the correct heading on the drop-down menu (which should be revamped soon), and eminently more SEO-friendly! Hooray! I’ll be doing #tbt posts every Thursday for a while to some of the better interviews of days past. Huzzah!

The bad news is that I am now perpetually crosseyed from all this screen-staring I’ve been doing. And that, also, y’all, I write way too much. Seriously. Thousands. Of. Posts. So many interviews. So many reviews. So many rants. An embarrassment of content. At this point, if I’d spent even a fraction of the time I’ve poured into blogging into pretty much anything else, I would be considered a master at that thing. Instead I’m a sort-of accomplished blogger whose blog has never landed on any top-any-number list of sex bloggers and whose publication record speaks volumes of nothing about the work she’s put in. Sigh. What have I been doing? Where’s my Pulitzer?

Anyway, I’ll be working on this book, which is one thing that all this blogging has gotten me. Sort of an ouroboros situation, really.


Back to work!

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Hello world!

I am mostly unpacked (by which I mean my clothes, books, DVDs, and sex toys are all put away, so I’m good), and the WiFi is working, and our heat is finally fixed! So now I’m buckling down to work on my book (by which I mean scrolling thru Tumblr and Facebook and pretending it’s research).

Since I’m so busy working (by which I mean procrastinating), I don’t have much to write at the moment. But I do have some juicy, delicious links for you to peruse! Enjoy!


  • Cover art by Jamee Baiser.

    Cover art by Jamee Baiser.

    —Have you heard about Coming Out Like A Porn Star? It’s a book of coming-out stories, thoughts, and essays by adult film performers, directors, and others, all collected and edited by the incomparable Jiz Lee. There are essays in there by every single awesome person on the planet, I’m pretty sure. Annie Sprinkle, Andre Shakti, Bella Vendetta, Betty Blac, Candida Royalle, Christopher Zeischegg, Cindy Gallop, Cinnamon Maxxine, Conner Habib, Courtney Trouble, Drew DeVeaux, Erika Lust, Gala Vanting, Ignacio Rivera AKA Papí Coxxx, James Darling, Joanna Angel, Kitty Stryker, Madison Young, Ms Naughty, Nina Hartley, Nikki Silver, Orianna Small AKA Ashley Blue, Tina Horn, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Zahra Stardust… And that’s not even all of them. Seriously. You need this book. It’s getting rave reviews all over the place. I’m sure I’ll give it one when I finally get down to reading the copy I brought from New York to Montana with me but haven’t had a chance to open yet. Anyway, go buy a copy.


  • —Please consider donating to The St. James Infirmary, the nation’s only occupational health and safety clinic owned and run by sex workers and operating entirely for sex workers. From their Mission Street, San Francisco, location for the past thirteen years, they’ve provided medical care, social services, mental health care, food, clothing, education, housing assistance, and so much for to thousands of sex workers in the Bay Area. But their building is being sold and they need to be moved out by the end of the year! They’re raising funds via GoFundMe to move their important organization to a new home so they can continue doing the vital work they do. Go help out!


occasionally blind

An image from “Occasionally Blind” by Nina Linde

  • —Ah, Sweden. Is there anything you’re not progressive about? The country recently added a book of erotica for the visually impaired to its National Library as a reference text! The book, Occasionally Blind, by Nina Linde, was apparently released back in 2010 as a way for visually impaired people to get sexy with a book, and has recently gotten lots of attention for being picked for the Swedish National Library. What a fucking cool, and ridiculously overdue, idea! The book features both kinky sex acts and vanilla, gay and straight, and even group. There are raised images along with Braille text for titillation and education. I’m not finding any place to get a copy online at the moment, but keep your eyes, and fingers, open!


  • —Pro tip: looking for a new queer porn star and ethical slut to tickle your fancy? Might I suggest Valentine, a performer and model who has done several scenes over at The Crash Pad Series, MakeLoveNotPorn.tv, and FedorasBox.com. She’s curvy, lovely, kinky, and vanilla, “sugar and spice and everything nice” (accordingn to her Crash Pad bio) all rolled up into a gorgeous package. Check her out!


  • candy ass ceramics—Looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for pervert in your life? Or seeking a notable centerpiece for your china cabinet–one that will alert all those who enter your abode to your debauched and campy and probably gay ways? Why not consider purchasing an antique plate with the gayest art you’ve ever seen emblazoned in the center, from Candy Ass Ceramics? Stylish, sexy, and oh-so-chic–all while being bona fide antiques to boot–these plates and posters will provide conversation starters for your sexually liberated houseguests, and provide a deterrent to those who shy away from graphic depictions of gay sex on the dinner table! What more could you need?


  • —Also, this. Happy Bowie-ween!


    From http://ohhoneyyouresobad.tumblr.com

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The sun setting from the dash of our car as we drove toward Bozeman, MT a few days ago.

The sun setting from the dash of our car as we drove toward Bozeman, MT a few days ago.

Hello again, world!

We made it to Missoula! We only ran out of gas once, and only had to eat in a truck stop once! And had to cancel only one stop with friends due to strep throat! And the hamster survived! We are now unpacking and nesting, and resting our very tired bodies and souls.

I have basically no idea what happened in the outside world for the past week and a half, except for Star Wars, Back to the Future Day (which, by the way, is the day we arrived in our new home–this bodes well), and some horrible something or other with Americans bombing a hospital and killing innocent people. So basically, the isolation is kind of soothing and unsettling at the same time.

I’ll do some catching up on news and thoughts, and I’ll be back with you soon! Gotta get my writing wheels turning again after the moving wheels slow down.

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So... much... packing....

So… much… packing….

Hello, world! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, and I apologize for my absence! But I want to let you all know that my scarcity of late isn’t me neglecting you. It’s me making big changes.

First of all, the website itself underwent some serious fixing up on the back end, so I wasn’t able to post for a few weeks. And then I got word from my doctors that some mysterious medical issues I’ve been having were clearing up/not acutely harming me, and so I got a mostly-clean bill of health…

Which means I’m well enough to escape New York City at last. And so, my partner Jayel and I are peacing out! continue →

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(Photo from The Daily Mail)

(Photo from The Daily Mail)

I was heartbroken to return to work today and learn that legendary feminist firecracker, visionary filmmaker, trailblazing toy maker, and legendary force in sex positivity Candida Royalle has passed away at age 64 from ovarian cancer.

Her passing did not come as a shock, since she has been quietly fighting the disease since 2010 and making an autobiographical documentary about her life and the search for her mother, which also documented her medical battle. Still, it is a huge loss for the sex-positive world. She was a force of nature who comported herself with such intelligence, ferocity, and grace, it’s difficult to imagine that light being gone from our world. She gave us all so much.

I was over the moon to meet her at this year’s Cinekink Club 90 reunion showcase, when I held her phone as she was photographed on the red carpet. She was beautiful, gracious, charming, and kind to everyone who rushed up to her to proclaim their adoration, myself included. I’m not ashamed to admit that I snapped a selfie on her phone in the hopes that she would remember me. I know I’ll always remember her.

A small bio from Club 90 co-founder and lifelong friend, Annie Sprinkle: continue →

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My loves.

I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks! I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger, and I hope you haven’t been left wandering the lonely alleyways of the interwebz, scared and cold, without me.

continue →

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You know, like it used to be when only white cis-males had any social or financial power BY LAW.

I’ve been totally train-wreck-watching the GOP primary race as Donald Trump runs gleefully roughshod over any expectations of human decency we once pretended to expect out of politicians. I keep thinking that maybe people just haven’t noticed yet that his entire worldview, and political perspective, is a melange of racism, misogyny, greed, fearmongering, and general hatred for people who were not born white and male in the United States of America. Like, maybe the fact that he is a one-stop shop for all things reprehensible–things which we used to at least pretend to find distasteful–just hasn’t been recognized yet. Like. Somehow, maybe people just don’t realize what’s happening. Because, honestly, I can’t respect people if they think he has anything to say that’s worth not telling him to shut the hell up about, much less worth listening to. People can’t be that crazy, can they? That disrespectful? That gross?

But, then, yesterday, I took a look around. continue →

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