A few lil’ thoughts to start your week…

1) Angelina Jolie’s boobs are gone. At least her real boobs are gone. And you know what, awesome. She’s still going to be gorgeous and powerful and do what the fuck she wants, no matter what the hell you may personally think about her. And she’ll do it without cancer. So good for her. Deal with it, bros.

2) In other news, Mother’s Day has come and gone, and I’ve been subjected to many podcasts and discussions about motherly things. Now don’t get me wrong, guys: I love my mom and my grandma and all my friends who are mothers. Mothers are great. But hearing all the talk about labor and mothering techniques and breastfeeding and butts-gone-wrong… You know? I’m really, really, really glad… still… that I’m not a mother. Go all you who are! But don’t expect this one to give it a go. I’m 30 years old, and my disinterest in having the experience myself has never been stronger. No little alien-parasite-body-filling organisms for me, thanks. Gooooo birth control! Yay!

3) The yearly toplessness protests/day of activism has also come and gone in NYC, with topless ladies taking to the streets to demand equal treatment for men and women when it comes to going bare-chested. I totally dig the idea that, if I wanted to, I could go around topless and not be arrested for it, as the NYPD has made abundantly clear that I can. Rock on, gender equality! However, I think we may still be a long way from actual equality in practice as opposed to theory, as the video embedded in this article clearly shows. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with crowding around and taking photos when a protest is obviously trying to get press, not to mention happening in/around Times Square for millions to see. But in my experience, seeing topless women in the city has always gone along with seeing crowds of men following those women and taking photos with camera phones (see the dude who leans in to take a photo of himself with the woman in the video while she’s not looking… at 00:50) and totally gawking and leering. We get that you like boobs, dude-bros, but could you try to be just a teensy bit less overtly misogynist about it? It’d really get us all a lot further, and there’d be a lot more women willing to walk around with their ladies out for you to stare at, if you’d just pretend not to notice a tiny bit more. Ugh. Entitlement much? In my opinion, the best part about this article is not the writer’s happiness about gender parity on the horizon (which I like), it’s the last line, which ties the whole issue of it being cool that women can go topless–and yet have to expect to be videotaped and stared at, and oh by the way this is safe for the streets but not for polite society–in a nutshell: “Footage of the protesters can be found here (NSFW).”


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  1. Amanda says:

    I still think Jolie is weird… And thought so before he had her boobs removed. I haven’t done much research about the whole boob removal thing, but I say if the risk in your family is high, go for it. The problem being however, that ‘breast’ cancer can and does affect your chest wall and armpit lymph nodes… A lot harder to remove. And it’s cool you don’t want to have kids. Between Meghan and myself, we have your part of population regeneration covered. 😉 xox


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