Vanity Police

vanity police 1 Lynsey G

My old and dear friend Tom has recently released his latest post-punk album as Vanity Police. Listening to friends’ music is always a scary thing because you don’t know going into it if you’re going to be forced to smile all strained-like and say, “It’s great!” when you really don’t enjoy it at all. I’ve had that experience a few too many times. It’s even happened with Tom in the past, with another project he was working on for a while. So I was dubious.

But Tom… oh, Tom… he and I have  been kindred spirits for a while now, and after I’d listened to Hey Loser a few times, I was hooked. I’ve actually been listening to it on repeat for a full week. I love it. And not just because I like grungy pseudo-goth dark-rock synth-pop (which I do). Or just because it’s damn good music. But there’s something else that Tom pulls off brilliantly: Alternative maleness, sexuality in the grey area, and raw fucking sex appeal. He told me he’s heard comments to the tune of “this goes against my delicate suburban heterosexuality.” That means he’s doing something really right in my book, friends. Challenging what it is to be male in our culture, yet doing it an undeniably, confidently beautiful way and putting it unapologetically into the public eye. RAWK.

Please please please go check this out and purchase for whatever you want to pay (which includes nothing).

vanity police 2 lynsey g

Hot. Hot hot hot.

Can’t wait for the video for “Siren Call” comes out. That song gets me all happy in my loins area.

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