A Holiday for the Holidays: I’ll be back in a month

Dearest darlings, my pookies:

I’m taking some time off. Not much time–just a month, four weeks, 28-days-ish. But I won’t be here writing. I won’t be answering most of my e-mails. I won’t be on Twitter more than a few times. I’ll probably share some links and etc. on Facebook, and it’s possible that I might check in and type up a few things for this darling little blog, but for the most part, the month of December will see me dipping under the radar.

There are many reasons for this, but suffice it to say that all the forces at work in my life are telling me that I desperately need a break and that this is the time to take it. I’ve been struggling with my health, which is difficult to keep up in the presence of abject exhaustion, and I need to spend some time focusing on the interviews and preparation for my art show in the spring. I’ve also realized that my writing about sex and porn has become diffuse; I feel that in the past few months things have gotten so busy that I’ve lost sight of what it is I’m actually trying to SAY. I feel as if I’m just treading water to keep my head up, and the only way to find a direction to swim in is to get my bearings. Crawl onto a little porn-free island for a month. Get a good look around. And then of course, there’s this quote from Susannah Breslin that hit home really hard: “The sex industry can be really ruthless and brutal. If you’re around that enough, you start to wonder if everybody’s impulses are really base and everyone’s either trying to fuck or kill each other.”

It’s true. I need a break.

This is also an experiment. I’m going to try my hand at a porn-free life for one month (not very strict–I don’t think this is the time for cold turkey, although given the recent holiday I guess it really is) and see what happens. I have an idea brewing for a book with a real point to it, and I think this will help me find out if it’s worth a shot.

But the point is, my dears, I will see you all in about a month! Keep fighting the good fight and having fanastics sex, and feel free to tell me all about it in e-mails or in the comments. Happy merry enjoyable early winter and holidays of all kinds to you, each and every one!


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