A Review: The Rechargeable Slimline G

Well, it seemed to me that after the last few posts about Momentum Con, some readers might be feeling a little alienated. After all, not ALL of us can be cool enough to attend such things and take home a  brand new Rechargeable Slimline G vibrator from California Exotic Novelties in their shwag bag… for TOTALLY free! And I certainly don’t want to hold my readers at arm’s length simply because they’re less fortunate. So here, guys, let me bring you into the inner, vibrating circle, and share with you my experience! I tried my Slimline G last night, and I’m going to tell you how it went so you, too, can feel like you went to Momentum!

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a lot of hope for the Slimline. I mean, sure, it looked nice enough, but how high quality can a vibrator they’re giving away dozens of? I mean, true, maybe they weren’t all Slimline G’s–the bags were zipped shut, so for all I know everyone else got Rabbits or something. But I assumed we all got the same things, and though the Slimline G isn’t cheap-looking, it’s not one of those super-fancy designer vibes, either. It’s a simple long, thin, red wand with a g-spit tickler tip. Mine is red and just see-through enough that one can spot the actual vibrating mechanism inside. It’s kind of cool. But I wasn’t expecting much.

But the cool thing about the Slimline G is that, even if it’s not the most powerful or versatile or fancy-schmancy of vibes, it IS rechargeable! And that’s pretty sweet. I hate going to buy batteries. Even though I’m perfectly aware that there are a multitude of household items requiring AAA and AA batteries, when I hit up the Staples down the street (as I do fairly often) for a 20-pack, I always feel as if the woman behind the counter knows exactly what they’ll be used in. Of course, my flushed face, mussed hair, panting breath, and badly-buttoned shirt usually don’t help things, but hey, you can’t just give up when your vibrator does! But with the Slimline, I won’t even have to go face that lady, EVER. I can just plug it in when it peters out (hehehe…. peters)… for 10-12 hours. Ick. Now that’s not so cool, but hey, when it’s plugged in it works like a charm, and the cord is rather long. So really there is no time when I am at home and I will not be able to use my Slimline G, so long as I’m willing to lay down on my back near an electrical socket now and again, and hey, it’s good to switch things up!

But anyway, the real point of this review is to say this: after I’d plugged in my Slimline overnight, I was eager to try it. I was, again, not expecting much in the vibration department, but woah, I was wrong! I mean, a Magic Wand would certainly beat out the Slimeline in power, but then again, you can’t insert a Magic Wand to hit your G-spot, now can you? Well… Ok let’s not get into the nitty-gritty of that question. But you get my point. Turns out, the Slimline G is a packs a pretty powerful punch to the pussy (or butt, I’m sure; it’s designed so it’d probably work in there, too, but I haven’t tried that yet). It has only one setting, which was a bit of a disappointment, but, again–you can put it inside yourself to hit your G-spot. Once that’s been arranged, you don’t really have much to worry about.

And furthermore, the Slimline G is waterproof! I took that baby in the shower and then with me to bed last night, I enjoyed it so much! So folks, if you’re looking for a simple, not-too-pricey, powerful and stimulating vibe that won’t send you running to the store mid-jill-off for batteries… here’s a fabulous option! Thanks, Momentum!

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