All We Need’s a Little KINDNESS!

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About the PACK

Have you heard about the 6 stray dogs—and 1 stray man—who put crime under the fang? Welcome to PACK, my 7-part comic book series about a pack of vigilante dogs who patrol the streets of gentrifying Brooklyn, doling out brutal justice. I’ve been writing this series for a few years alongside illustrator Jayel Draco, and it’s very dear to my heart. It calls attention to animal welfare issues, political maneuvering, and the insidious process of gentrification…all with lots of art of Very Good Floofers, naturally.
We’ve successfully Kickstarted PACK #1: Humility about nine months ago, and now it’s time to continue the saga with the story of Kindness, the pit bull raised as a family dog, then kidnapped by dog fighters, and now welcomed by the PACK…
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The Kickstarter

The writing, art, and lettering  are complete, and now we’re ready for pit bull terrier Kindness to get his own 24-page, standalone comic book! We want to give this Very Good Boy his due…and give fans of the series the second issue of PACK. So we’re fundraising to print and distribute the standard comic-book-size issue
All backers will receive PACK #2: Kindness in print or digital format! We’re also offering rewards of all kinds, like shwag packs of stickers and postcards, art prints, copies of Tracy Queen, original sketches, other Oneshi Press comics, and more!
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We’re offering an early-bird rewards tier for FIRST-DAY VIGILANTES! Folks to pledge at that level during our first 24 hours get over $50 worth of rewards for $20! Wowie zowie! That reward tier will disappear at 6:00 pm today, so get in there soon!
Thanks in advance for helping me spread the word about this next exciting step in the story of the PACK! Use hashtag #jointhePACK when you link to the campaign, so I can say thanks when I see it!
Click here to #jointhePACK!

The campaign will end on May 16, 2019.

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