I Was Interviewed About Tracy Queen—Twice!

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I’m pretty pumped to report that Tracy Queen, Volume 1 is the darling of the internet right now! (Relatively speaking, of course. Lizzo’s new album might be a bit trendier at the moment, but I am 100% okay with that. Because Lizzo is phenomenal.) Anyway, check out these interviews I’ve been doing about the first volume of my sex-positive, sci-fi graphic novel! And then read articles the adult entertainment industry is putting out about it, too!


  • Women’s lifestyle website She Does the City interviewed yours truly about my interest in writing about sex work and the challenges in writing and publishing a kickass, sex-positive, female character! Here’s a little nibble from the interview:
    “Comics have always been a subversive form of media, so watching the industry calcify around white, heterosexual, cisgender men as heroes for a while there was super disappointing. But that’s changing. The comic world is opening up to be more inclusive of all sorts of heroes who don’t fit that model.”
    Now, read the rest! “Meet Tracy Queen: The Sex-Positive Killer Camgirl Redefining the Comic Superhero” at She Does the City!
  • Then I talked to SciFiPulse about my writing career, representation of sex workers in media, and the science fiction inspirations behind Tracy Queen! Here’s a taste:
    “My explorations of adult entertainment have introduced me to so many amazing people and experiences, fetishes, communities, and interests that I may have never encountered otherwise…I count myself extremely fortunate to have such a broad set of experiences and human connections to draw from as a writer.
    Here! Read the whole interview! “Lynsey G Discusses Her Career, Learning from the Adult Entertainment Industry, and Her Graphic Novel ‘Tracy Queen’” at SciFiPulse!


Feeling the buzz? Interested in learning more about this superheroic character? Then grab your own copy of Tracy Queen, Volume 1 in print or digital format when you head over the Oneshi Press Store!

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