Real Talk: Live Video about Racism in Adult Entertainment, + an Invite

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Note to self: Clean your camera lens before the next chapter reading, Lynsey. Yikes.

Chapter 14: Racism in the Industry

Great news, folks! I’ve got video from my last live-streamed reading from my memoir-slash-informative-book, Watching Porn! On March 31, I went live on Facebook to read Chapter 14: Racism in the Industry. It’s a hard-hitting chapter that gives an overview of the many thorny issues surrounding race in pornography. And it inspired a really great discussion in live chat after the reading was over! Racism anywhere is a vital topic to discuss, and I’d argue that in porn it’s particularly important. For reasons why, check out the video below, or watch it on Facebook or YouTube. (And please hit that “like” button while you’re there! Help an author out!)

On the Facebook and YouTube video pages, you’ll find links to articles, interviews, and other resources on the topics discussed, as well as social media links for most of the people quoted in the chapter, like James Darling, Keni Styles, Sinnamon Love, and others.

Chapter 15: Other “Isms”

This Sunday, April 14, I’ll go live on Facebook to read from Chapter 15: Other “Isms”! That’s another heavy chapter, where we’ll discuss porn’s treatment of disabled folks, performers of size, and trans individuals. In other words, big issues that need discussion. So hey. Let’s discuss them! I hope you’ll join me at 1:00 pm Mountain Time (3:00 Eastern, noon Pacific) for the reading, followed by live chat with viewers! (And hopefully a cleaner lens on my camera. Seriously. Gross, Lynsey.)

Other Stuff

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