April Links Are In Bloom!

It’s finally April! Here in Montana, where I live, the temperature is edging up toward 60 degrees at last! There aren’t flowers or even buds on the trees yet, but we’re getting closer! In anticipation of the abundance of life about to burst forth from the earth…here is a profusion of links that caught my attention over the past month, and which might just interest you, too! (Hint: They’re mostly about the sex and adult entertainment industries. There’s also a few about my latest publication. Which, incidentally, are also about sex and the adult entertainment industry. I’m predictable, what can I say?)

A Bouquet of Interesting Links

  • Diving right in, here’s “‘C*ck Hero’ Is The Porn Genre You Didn’t Need To Know Existed” from Jake Massey at LADBible. I suppose it was only a matter of time until somebody gamified jerking off. But I have questions. Who’s behind this new genre of interactive wanking? And can I talk to them? Maybe over the phone, not in person?
  • An interesting look inside the world of corporate porn writing. “I was a porn writer, no big deal” by Carmela Maraan Fernando talks about the reasons people get into writing porn, and the ramifications of the work. A well-rounded personal essay that doesn’t go for shock value—a rarity in this type of subject matter.
  • A deep dive (HAH!) into the squirting subgenre of pornography looks at what, exactly, squirting is, who does it, and how they make it happen on set. “‘It Is Definitely Pee’: The Ecstatic, Pedialyte-Fueled Art of Performing Squirting in Porn‘” by Tracy Clark-Flory at Jezebel. With interviews with Adriana Chechik, Abella Danger, Lena Paul and Riley Reyes.
  • Another long look into the porn industry, this time by Benjy Hansen-Bundy at GQ, “What It’s Like to Be a Male Porn Star in 2019” spends some time with hard-working male porn stars and is accompanied by some fantastic photos of folks like Michael Vegas, Tommy Pistol, Lance Hart, Johnny Stone, and Ricky Johnson.
  • Samantha Radocchia at Forbes investigates “Tipping Streamers: The Donation Economy Is Being Built, But Can It Last?” It’s a worthwhile question, and one that will affect the adult entertainment industry deeply, along with many others.
  • And, check this out: Derek Hay of LA Direct Models, one of the most notoriously sleazy agents in porn, has finally been called to task for his behavior. Amazingly, by NBC, of all places. In an hour-long documentary called “Porn Actresses Accuse Powerful Industry Agent of Fraud, Sex Abuse.” I don’t know if this will lead to his exiting the industry in disgrace, but I certainly hope so. That guy is the worst.

Lynsey G.–Adjacent Links

  • Oh, uh, hey! My graphic novel is finally out in the world! Check out Volume 1 of Tracy Queen in limited-edition trade paperback RIGHT NOW! It’s gorgeous, sex-positive, funny, weird, and packed with awesome art from twelve different artists. And I only have about 200 of them left. So nab yours now!
  • I’ll be launching an all-new writing coaching season very soon, including a book-organization workshop, one-on-one coaching programs, and more. I’m particularly interested in helping people who are working on books about sex, sexuality, and sex work to make their books shine! Contact me with questions or to reserve your spot!
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