Reviews are Coming (and you will be, too!)

Your friendly neighborhood "adult cinema" reviewer, hard at work (with a Feminist Porn Award in hand because I'm proud of it). (Photo by Jayel Draco)
Your friendly neighborhood “adult cinema” reviewer, hard at work (with my Feminist Porn Award in hand because I’m proud of it).
(Photo by Jayel Draco)

I really miss doing reviews of porny movies. In the past few years I’ve been working on other things, and I suddenly realized the other day that there’s not enough porn in my life these days. Certainly not enough good porn. And I need to rectify that.

I also realized that when I used to do them for adult magazines and even eventually for WHACK!, I was sort of always just reviewing whatever I was given. I didn’t get much choice in the matter. And so, dear readers, I have decided to jump back into the reviewing game this year, and begin to review one film/scene/website/what-have-you per month on this blog, right here!

And the best part is, because it’s my damn blog, I get to pick what to watch and what to tell you about it. This is going to be 100% honest feedback on the sexy entertainment that intrigues me, and which will hopefully help you find work that you’re interested in purchasing.

So here’s my question, readers: what should I review? Tell me about the stuff you like, and the stuff you’ve been wondering about. The filmmakers, performers, companies, kinks, and ideas that turn you on or make you wonder. I’ll do what I can to answer your questions for you, and guide you toward making your best possible porno decisions! Comment below, or comment on my FB, or tweet me, or whatever! Send me links! Send me your deepest darkest desires and I’ll see if I can find a film that features them! Just let me know what you’re into, and let me do the rest.

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