Luna Luna: Pigglie-Wigglies and Jubblie-Wubblies

Image: “Foot Massage” by Terminator8579 (deviantart)

Last week on Luna Luna, I fielded a question from someone whose pedicure tech let them get a little touchy feely with their tootsies. I have to admit, this one threw me a bit. But I’m glad the question came in. Otherwise I would likely have gone through my entire life without contemplating: How does one ask one’s professional service provider to remove her bra before letting you toe her tits?

A nibble:

The thing is, she is going way above the bar for this kind of professional interaction, and she could get in mucho trouble for doing so. Because of the power dynamics at play here, she needs to retain as much control over the situation as possible, to protect herself….We don’t know what her reasons are, but I’m absolutely certain they are good ones. She’s the one putting herself at risk here, so you need to trust that she’s doing what’s best for her.

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