“Dispatches from a Dark Corner” is born at Nerve.com!

Me interviewing Tina Horn! Illustration by Jayel Draco.
Me interviewing Tina Horn! Illustration by Jayel Draco.

I am trying to act like I’m not totally over-the-moon excited about having a new column at Nerve.com called “Dispatches from a Dark Corner.” I’m trying to be all ho-hum, whatever, etc. because I know that giving zero fucks is the cool thing to do.

But not-very-secretly, I’m thrilled. I’ve been wanting to start interviewing people in the comingled, shadowy worlds of sex work, sex ed, and sexy sex sex again, and this is my first foray back into those waters. I’m looking forward immensely to talking to all sorts of deviants, degenerates, perverts, rebels, activists, artists, and sexy nerds in the coming months! And I’m just so tickled that this is happening on Nerve!

My first installment is an interview with one of my biggest sex-geek crushes, Tina Horn, who is the host of “Why Are People Into That?!“–a podcast that is basically the auditory utopia for sex geeks. She’s also the author of an upcoming book (titled Not Given Lightly because Tina is hellamajorlyfuckingcool), a sex edcuator, a retired sex worker, and a really fun person to talk to.

We chatted in my living room over pizza and wine while artist Jayel Draco took photos, and then he turned one of the photos into a sweet illustration for the column (above)!

In the cut of the interview that made it onto Nerve, we discussed sex work, sex education, spanking, dirty talk, boobs, squirting, train boners, and a lot more. Go read it! Enjoy! (And come back here next week for a few of the just-as-juicy parts that had to be cut for length! You’ll enjoy those, too, I think.)

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