Give Back with These Amazing Crowdfunding Campaigns

Hi, darlings! I realized yesterday while scrolling through my Facebook feed (totally not procrastinating on transcribing an interview, I swear…Okay I was absolutely 100% procrastinating) that a few wonderful friends of mine are currently running fantastic crowdfunding campaigns! I’m a bit hard up for cash at the moment, myself, so I am really bummed that I can’t contribute to all of them in the way I want.

BUT! I have this handy blog! And I know that a lot of the readers are excellent humans who appreciate sex-positive, body-positive, gender-affirming, artistic, creative, fantastic work! So hey, everyone: If you’re feeling inclined to give back to the sex-positive, artistic, and generally fabulous community of humans who do good stuff for the world, here’s a list of crowdfunding campaigns that might be up your alley.

    • Morgana: A Documentary: The filmmakers who spent three years documenting the artistic, sexual, and spiritual journey of Morgana Muses are seeking help with post-production. “On the day 47-year-old Morgana Muses decided to end her life, she took one last shot at happiness. The separated Albury housewife hired a male escort and experienced intimacy for the first time in 20 years, sparking the reinvention of herself as an erotic film star.” Morgana is an amazing individual whose story is inspiring, and I can’t wait to see it being told to the world! There are only 5 days left on this Kickstarter, and they’re thisclose to being funded! Help out if you can! (PS the video is great but I can’t figure out how to embed it here without it auto-playing and being annoying. So just click the link and go check it it out!)
    • Nooky Box Signature Series: Curated Adult Boxes: My very favorite sex-themed subscription box company, The Nooky Box, is launching a series of one-off “signature” boxes aimed at all kinds of demographics, from older women to younger men to lovers of lube and devotees of anal, and lots in between! They’re looking for help in getting these boxes off the ground, and the rewards are fantastic! Just check out this adorable video to discover why this sex-positive, eco-friendly, body-positive, gender-nonbinary company deserves your help!  22 days left to fund this Indiegogo! Yay sex!
    • Gummy Bear Pyramid Art Installation: Burning Man 2017: This is just so freaking cool. My dear friend DiCapria is creating a 14-foot pyramid light installation for the Playa at Burning Man this year. And it’s made of gummy bears. Seriously. DiCapria has been working with gummy bears for years now, creating a series of mandalas with the candies a few years back, and she’s now upping her game to create synthetic (not edible) gummies for the desert so they won’t melt in the heat! I know a lot of you wonderful peeps are burners, and I know you want to see this superlative piece of weird and wonderful art at the festival, so get on it! 13 days  left on the gummy bear campaign!(PS the video is great but I can’t figure out how to embed it here without it auto-playing and being annoying. So just click the link and go check it it out!)
    • Welcome to Sex: Another dear friend, sex-educator and writer Callie Little, is creating a sex-positive book about sex for everyone, not just those who already know all the vocab. The book is going to be “a guide for all––not just those who already know their way around sexuality. Too often, sex-positive spaces can feel intimidating and exclusive for folks who aren’t yet well-versed in the ins and outs of the ins and outs. If you’re feeling stuck, lacking confidence around sex, or wanting to know how to help your introverted partner, Welcome to Sex is your book.” Only 3 days left to help this project out!
    • Post Secondary: Gender Affirming Shapewear: Okay, I don’t know the people behind this campaign, but I LOVE the idea (and the video, below). They’re creating underwear that helps affirm gender presentation for people who want to conceal a phallus. These undies are guaranteed to be comfy enough for everyday use, and they’re created for trans folks for trans folks! Freaking COOL! There’s a month left on this one, and they’re already over halfway funded! Hooray! Check out the video—it’s great.
    • And then, of course, there’s my very own company, Oneshi Press! We create gorgeous, immersive, progressive books in print and e-book formats, and we fund print runs mostly through Patreon, a monthly subscription-based crowdfunding platform. When you sign up, you can opt in for really fabulous rewards, and you’ll get discounts on all of our books! Right now we’re working on quarterly comics anthologies featuring pages from the sex-positive, feminist, sci-fi graphic novel I wrote about Tracy Queen, as well as a gritty comic book series about vigilante dogs—and work from guest artists and writers. Check out our Patreon page and consider getting involved! Our community members get all kinds of exclusive goodies, and every dollar helps us print more gorgeous books!

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