I Got Nothin


It is 3/13/13. I love the numbers 1 and 3 together. Dunno if y’all know this, but I’m a sorta-kinda-synesthete, and numbers are particularly colorful in my brain. 1 is white or yellow, depending on what it’s paired with, and 3 is orange, so today has this kind of Creamsicle glow to it, in my mind. Which is great.

And… An Argentinean Jesuit has just been named Pope (this sounds like a step in the right direction possibly?), the “Cannibal Cop” has been found guilty (even though he didn’t actually DO anything… not sure how I feel about that), and apparently the defense attorney in the Steubenville rape case is preemptively declaring his client innocent because the passed-out-after-having-vomited-on-herself girl that he and his buddies gang-raped supposedly, somehow, miraculously, consented. While passed out. Or something.

The world, my friends… it is a bewildering place sometimes.

I got nothin’ today. The only thing that seems appropriate is going home and trying at least one of these David Bowie-inspired cocktails from FlavorWire. Probably the Ziggy Stardust. Because it’s Bowie Week for me, too.

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