THAT’S RIGHT! Imagine my shock when I got an e-mail telling me I was a nominee for The 2013 Feminist Porn Awards! Holy crap! I totally sent my submission in really late and didn’t even think it got there in time! Much less was viewed with PLEASURE. Much less would be NOMINATED for an award!! Aaaah happy dannnnnce!!!

And now… the prospect of finding the several hundred dollars to get to, stay in, and get back from Toronto presents itself. I am so, so broke you guys. I literally just booked a ticket to somewhere else for another vacation. It’s nonrefundable. I don’t have the money to go to Toronto.

But the FPAs are literally the most fun EVER and now I can get into all the STUFF for free?? Ack! What to do?! Hellllp! Any ideas? Anyone want to sponsor me? I’ll do stuff for you in return! Can I make a Kickstarter to get me to Canada and back? Is that even a thing? Oh man… what to do… what to do! Suggestions welcome, peeps.

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