Fantasy + Capitalism = Adult Entertainment

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Dearest darlings, I’ve got a new video and a new live-stream invitation for you!

Chapter 15: Other Isms

On April 14, I read the 15th chapter from my award-winning memoir, Watching P*rn live on Facebook! (And I also decided to stop writing the full word p*rn in these blog posts because I think Facebook may be shadow-banning me. UGH.) In that chapter, I discussed the difficulties that occur when capitalism meets human fantasy in the form of adult entertainment. Namely categorization and thus a hierarchy of human bodies, desires, and sex practices. It got really real. This topic is one of the most interesting in the entire discussion of p*rnography as a consumer product and a creative outlet, I think. So buckle up and watch it below, or check it out (and LIKE it!) on Facebook or YouTube!

You can also find further notes and links on many of the folks quoted in the chapter, like Nina Hartley, Ryan Driller, Sabrina Deep, and more. Those are at the Facebook and YouTube pages, for further reading, viewing, and inquiry. So go check those out. And please hit that “Like” button!

Chapter 16: The Gay Divide & the Condom Wars

This Sunday, April 28, I’ll be diving into Chapter 16, which tackles the very complicated, very thorny, very strange chasm between the “gay” adult entertainment industry and the “straight” side of the industry. The history behind the divide ties directly into the adult industry’s STI testing practices and use (or not) of barrier protection on film sets. Which, in turn, plays into the very bizarre and ongoing battle between certain private parties, certain state governments, and adult entertainers when it comes to who should wear what on their genitals during filming. I promise that you won’t be bored by this reading! So join me at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time (that’s 3:00 Eastern, noon Pacific) this Sunday! I’ll be live on my Facebook page reading, chatting, and taking questions from viewers during the live-streamed reading! Please drop by!

Other Stuff

  • I’m raising funds for my non-adult comic series, PACK! Issue two of the comic book about vigilante dogs in Brooklyn is on its way, so I’m Kickstarting funding to print and distribute it! I’d love any help you can provide, whether it’s a pledge or a social media share or showing it to the dog lover in your life on your phone! Every bit helps!
  • My adult graphic novel, Tracy Queen, is here! The first volume of the eight-part series has arrived and is available riiiiight over here! You won’t be disappointed with this 60-page, stunning volume featuring art from twelve different artists and writing by yours truly!
  • I’m starting up a new online novel-organization workshop in the next few weeks! More to come on that soon. For now, if you’re interested in learning how to get your book idea out of your own brain and into the world, know that I’d like to help! Contact me for more information, or check back here next week for all the details!

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