Grrrl Questions re: Pr0nzies?

grrrl porn questions lynsey g
Image from (weirdly) Pinterest (Riot Grrrl).

Got questions about porn? Wanna hear answers from someone who knows a lot about it, but won’t look down on your weird questions or squitch up her face and make a gagging sound when she hears it? I’ve got the column for you! E-mail me (misslagsalot @ gmail) or LUNA LUNA (lunalunamag @ gmail) with all your grrrlquestions about pr0nz and I’ll answer ’em in my monthly column! (Or questions about sex in general, or hookup/relationship sexitude, or feminism in any of the above, or…) FYI: We prefer grrrl-type questions from people of every gender (or lack thereof) who like dark lipstick and equally dark tea and thunderstorms and fishnets.

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