LESBIAN SEX VOLUME 2 — “Lip-licking, slick-slitted excellence from beginning to end!”

Girlfriends Films

Dyanna Lauren, Hayden Hawkens, Elexis Monroe, Savannah Steele, Sinn Sage, Ela Darling, Jiz Lee, Melissa Monet

There was a day not so long ago when I never thought I’d say this, but it’s come full-circle: hallelujah for all-sex pornos! The two-disc set of Lesbian Sex Vol. 2 from Girlfriends Films just saved me from a long, drawn-out rut of feature films that were variously entertaining, meh, so-so, and straight-up bad. It’s about time I got back on an unscripted, strictly-sex porno diet, and Lesbian Sex Vol. 2 was a nipple-hardening, vag-wettening way to get back onto that wagon.

While I wouldn’t say I found every person (more on that description in a moment) in this moist, dripping mess of muffs to be stunning, which can be a deal breaker in a movie that’s all-vulva, all the time, I can (and will, gladly) say that the love-making they get down to in this movie is lip-licking, slick-slitted excellence from beginning to end. In the film’s four long scenes, spread out like the performers’ legs over two discs, eight people get up in each other’s biz like ravenous poon hounds on the loose after weeks of clit-less starvation. The sex itself is pretty standard—there’s nothing in the way of serious kink, no domination or rough play, no crazy orgies, no eye-catching bling—but the performers all seem so, well, pleased to be pleasured and to pleasure each other’s pussies that shock value isn’t necessary. Pure physical chemistry lights up the screen better than any weird attention-grabber ever could. I’ve watched gangbangs with less pizzazz than Jiz Lee has in their pinkie finger, which they put to good use in their scene with Melissa Monet (last scene of the movie—end of Disc 2, and worth downloading on its own merits or skipping to the end to watch first, IMHO).

The perhaps-confusing pronoun usage of which brings me to Lesbian Sex Vol. 2’s biggest drawback and, paradoxically, its greatest merit: the interview scenes before the sex. There are three interviews with the performers in this movie, ranging from around twenty minutes to closer to thirty, and they’re way informative. Maybe too informative for the setting. The box cover promises “explicit sexual secrets revealed,” and it’s in these interviews that the performers open up about their preferences, fantasies, pasts, and identities. It’s actually interesting stuff, especially for a reviewer like me who’s always interested in the mindset of the performers. It’s especially fascinating in the case of Jiz Lee and Melissa Monet’s scene; when I saw Jiz billed on this movie I immediately thought, “This is about lesbian sex and it’s from Girlfriends Films, but Jiz identifies neither as a girl nor a lesbian. How will this work?” Well, the interview will tell you.

Jiz Lee is a genderqueer performer out of San Francisco who identifies as neither one gender (female) nor the other (male) and uses neither the “she” nor “he” pronouns — preferring “they” instead (hence my earlier wording). And this is a confusing and novel concept for many. So they and Melissa spend a good thirty minutes discussing gender identities, sexual preferences, and sexual history before getting down to incredibly intense sex with fingers, mouths, hands, and a strap-on that will leave you breathless and blissful. Melissa is a pro, and Jiz is… Well I may as well admit it: Jiz is a draw-droppingly gorgeous human being with the sexual energy of ten of the rest of us, and watching them work will give you a whole new appreciation for your orgasmic capabilities. Seriously. And knowing a bit about these performers in particular before watching them fuck is enlightening and mind-expanding, and I think it’s totally fabulous that Girlfriends gives viewers the opportunity to learn about everyone whose quivering clitoris they’re about to see. But then again, as I said before, sexual chemistry, enthusiastic oral offerings, skilled sets of fingers, and lube-covered strap-ons speak for themselves. All the talking before the banging can be a bit heavy-handed for us heavy breathers. For the average horny porno viewer, the interviews might be interesting, but in an all-sex movie, they’re not necessary. And some of these are much longer than they need to be.

Thankfully for all of us sinners, they’re fast-forward-through-able, though. And the pot of pussy at the end of this Sapphic rainbow is more than worth the mashing of a button for a few minutes to get to. And hey, in that glorious afterglow when you’ve finished your third or fourth orgasm, you can rewind and expand your mind! Wow, that rhymed. PBS should totally hire me for their youth programming ad spots.

—Miss Lagsalot

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