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Happy June, everyone! It’s almost summer here in the northern hemisphere, and things are all blooming and lush and wonderful. So it’s only natural that my blog is awash with fresh new links to nurture your weekend reading needs! I 10/10 would recommend that you read any and all of the following:

Lynsey G. Links I recommend!

  • In the latest installment of my new MEL Magazine column, Basic Sex, I heard from a monogamous person who was partnered up with a polyamorous person. It’s a great question: What do you do when you fall for someone whose relationship goals are different from yours? For help, I turned to the experts: porn star, artist, and academic Zahra Stardust; certified sexologist and ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association Sunny Rodgers; musician, kinkster, and polyamorist Gordon Nichols; and sex educator, author and legendary porn star Nina Hartley. They were mucho helpful. Read their advice at MEL Magazine! (And, PS, if you want some expert advice on Basic Sex, send it my way! I’m especially looking for male-identified folks’ questions. Send it to: misslagsalot [at] gmail [dot] com.)
  • Today is the deadline for submissions to my publishing company’s October comics anthology! We’re looking for short comics that are progressive, immersive, gorgeous, and–this time around–spoopy AF! Give us your genderqueer vampires, your woke werewolves, your disabled demons, and all your best supernatural stories! We want to see what you’ve been working on! Details on how to submit live at the Oneshi Press website!
  • Speaking of Oneshi Press, we’re still working our Kickstarter to fund printing for our first-ever standalone comicbook! We want to print 1,000 copies of PACK #01: Humility! It’s the story of a mutt who was rescued from certain death by a pack of vigilante dogs and the stray man who runs with them–the first of seven issues of a series that explores animal rights, government corruption, gentrification, and the human sins for which our animal friends too often pay the price. We’ve got about two and a half weeks till our deadline. Any help you can provide helps, whether it’s funding or some shares on your social media. Thanks for your support!

Other Amazing Links I Recommend!

  • Adult performer Moe the Monster is suing director James Joseph Camp for fraud, negligence and failure to prevent racial harassment on a recent porn shoot. According to the lawsuit, the director repeatedly asked Moe for permission to have his female costar call him offensive racial epithets. As an outspoken voice against racism in the porn industry, Moe adamantly refused. Still, his co-star used slurs throughout the shoot. I’m personally thrilled to see Moe standing up for himself in this instance. Whatever happens with this suit, I hope it’s an indication that performers of color in the industry are finished with being treated poorly. And that it’s a wake-up call to producers, directors, and performers who think that this kind of behavior is acceptable. (For more on race in the industry, check out this piece I wrote last year for Glamour.)
  • Did you hear that our president does not know the difference between HIV and HPV? Well, he doesn’t. The LA Times kindly provided him with a tip sheet to tell the difference between the two. Namely that is the virus behind an epidemic that lasted decades, killed millions, and led to horrendous, still-lingering prejudice against homosexuals in America…and that the other is a common virus that most people never even know they have. And that they’re like…pretty much nothing alike, aside from the fact that it’s possible to spread them both through sexual contact. Dear lord. Anyway, the adult industry’s trade organization, the Free Speech Coalition, wrote an open (hilarious and also informative) letter to our freaking president to explain these differences to him, and to sympathize with him about how hard science is.
  • I just found my Masturbation Horoscope on Sex With Emily! OMG! And it’s spot-the-heck-on. “Detachment is very sexy to the Aquarius. Sometimes the idea of having sex is so much more exciting than actually having it, so masturbation usually flows pretty naturally.” Haha, so true. Go find yours right now!

SESTA/FOSTA Links I Recommend!

  • Australia’s Gala Vanting recently wrote an excellent article about why criminalizing sex work does nothing to help  literally anyone, and I really think you should read it.
  • It’s important to know this stuff, because SESTA/FOSTA continues to roll through online sex worker communities and wreak devastation.
  • That’s why sex workers worldwide are gathering to march in the streets this Saturday, June 2, as part of #InternationalSexWorkersDay or #InternationalWhoresDay, depending on your comfort level with terminology.
    • Find out if there’s a march or other event near you!
    • The biggest march I’ve heard about is in Los Angeles. If that’s where you’re at, find out all about how you can help right here!
    • And be sure to follow the #InternationalSexWorkersDay and #InternationalWhoresDay hashtags on social media for more info! Say it with me now: Sex work is work!

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