Luna Luna: Let’s Talk About Squirting

There’s a new sex advice column up on Luna Luna by none other than moi! This time around, it’s less advice-y and more here-are-some-facts-y. Also a bit of TM(personal)I about yours truly, lots of useful info, and some speculation on how and why and from whence squirting happens. Also a truly fantastic photo of a fountain in Washington, D.C.

A nibble:

“There is nothing wrong with either squirting or not squirting. Female bodies are incredibly diverse, especially when it comes to sexual form and function. I mean, for crying out loud, scientists haven’t even come to a consensus on whether the G-spot exists yet (hint: it does), so there is obviously no agreement on whether or not all female bodies can squirt liquid from the Kene’s gland that sits on top of it. Some people squirt every time pressure is applied to the Skene’s gland, and others never do. That is perfectly ok. Everybody gets their rocks off differently—some just do it more, uh, wetly than others.”

Go read the rest!

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