Luna Luna Magazine Interview About Tracy Queen! Wahoo!

I’m soooo giddily excited to report that an interview with me and my co-creator Jayel Draco, about the graphic novel Tracy Queen, is now up at Luna Luna Magazine! We had a chat with editor Lisa Marie Basile about the inspiration and creative process behind the book, about the characters and who we identify with, and our hopes and dreams for Tracy and all her friends!

A tiny nibble:

“As I wrote, the book became less about my thoughts and more about the story itself. The characters. What they needed to do and to say. So in the end, this book is me grappling with big topics, but it’s also a story that had to be told about some very interesting people. Some of whom are cyborgs. And one of whom is a raccoon.”

Go read the rest at Luna Luna! Oh, and visit the Tracy Queen website, because it’s great.

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