Luna Luna: She’s Just Not That Into It (Having Sex)

A new article of mine was published over the weekend at Luna Luna! This one is an advice column to a young man named James, who wonders how to get his l0w-libidoed girlfriend to be more interested in sex. I wish him the best, of course, because it’s my fondest wish for everyone to have more great sex in their lives, but I also cautioned him against trying to “convince” her, and to try listening instead.

A sample:

‘The best you can do for her, instead of persuading her to do what you want, is be kind, patient, and willing to communicate. You should absolutely make it clear that you want what’s best for her, that you are there for her emotionally, that you support her decisions, and that you want to listen if she ever wants to talk. It’s important for you to communicate to her that she’s beautiful and desirable. That you love sex with her because it makes you happy to see her experiencing pleasure, and that you want her to know you’re up for giving her that pleasure more often if she wants it. Because this about both of you.”

Go read the rest here, and add to the comments! I want to know what you think!

And if you have any sex/relationship questions for me, you can ask anonymously (or not anonymously, if you want) at our handy sex-questions page!

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