March 18, 2013

Stolen from Tricontinentalism.

The good news: I am going to Toronto for the FPAs! Totally forgot about the fact that my tax refund would be coming in, and I’m using it to go to the Feminist Porn Awards!

The not-as-good news: I am home sick from work today, which is Le Suck because I just got promoted and I want to be all up in there kicking ass. But I’m getting some work on a book done from home.

The pretty-good-but-clouded-by-reality news: The two young men charged in the Steubenville rape case have been found guilty. They haven’t been sentenced yet, but they face up to a year and two years, respectively. Justice. And yet… and yet… This article on Feministing really brings home for me a lot of the issues that this case proves to be the rule rather than the exception, even in such a (at least to me and most women I know) cut-and-dry, obvious case: that rape is still not considered a crime that carries enough gravity or importance to necessitate punishment. That in male-on-female cases, it’s the woman’s fault unless she was perfectly sober, in modest clothing, during the day, in public. If she was drinking, or wearing a skirt and/or heels, or with men, or alone, or if it was after dark… way, way too many people still think she’s responsible.

The utterly bad news: Lest you think Maya over at Feministing was being too “angry” or over-the-top in her article, behold this post on the Public Shaming Tumblr, recording tweets in response to the Steubenville ruling. I quote directly from @romano_santino (Space Cowboy) on Twitter: “So you got drunk at a party and two people took advantage of you, that’s not rape you’re just a loose drunk slut.” We have a long, long way to go. …I’m going back to bed.

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  1. s.b. chris says:

    WTF?! What would @romano_santino say if he was at a party, got tipsy, then got a couple guy’s cocks up his butt? I bet *those* two guys would be fighting off the death penalty.

    This crap is why I’m a male submissive and do porn where the girls rape me … it’s the least I can do.


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