I’m gonna get a jump on this blogging thing by posting tonight instead of tomorrow morning when I’m tired and confused and running late again. Of course, I may be a bit inebriated, but that shouldn’t stop me.

Guys, for serious, Momentum is amazing. You should come next year. You really really should. I spent all day being constantly amazed and impressed by the people around me–actually so impressed that I got a little intimidated into being quiet and introverted. And that’s embarrassing for me. I’m usually pretty confident. But, really, these people are incredible.

The first panel I made it to this morning, “Defining Non-Monogamy: Bridging the Gap in the Community,” included Mia Martina, Cunning Minx, Anita Wagner, and Brian Ballard, and it really got me thinking. A lot. I think I’ll have a long blog coming up about these issues, but suffice it to say that they brought up the very important idea that the sex-positive community, whether it be the poly sector, the kink sector, the swinger sector, the anything-else sector… must be respectful of the rest of itself, or the important work of bringing the message to the rest of the world will get lost. More to come on that.

Jamye Waxman, sex educator extraordinaire, then educated us all on the history of female masturbation in grand style, considering the technical difficulties she was experiencing. She brought light to the boatloads of money that people have over the centuries made on this undeniable human habit, from “Onania” in 1712 to the female “hysteria” that dominated the gynecological community in Victorian times (and remained in the DSM until 1980!?!) to, I would argue, the current “porn addiction” mania.

N, the only letter in Burlesque, proceeded to blow my mind with the sexiest size-positive striptease I’ve ever seen, and then “Phonewhore” absolutely blew the lid off of everything I thought I could rightfully expect from one-woman shows.

A reprise of some of my favorite short films from Cinekink rounded out the night, and… well…

I failed at encapsulating the wonder of my day here, but I promise I’ll do better later! I promise! Seriously!

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