Glam Lunch with Lots of Links!

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It’s Tuesday! And it’s lunch time! (Well, it is for me. It might not be for you.) Seems like a perfect opportunity to take a break with your favorite glam beverages (mine are pictured above) and do some glam Internet reading and viewing, n’est ce pas? Especially content about feminism, sexuality, porn stars, and empowerment! Here are some of my favorite glam links for your enjoyment!

  1. Sunni Johnson at Bust has done a fabulously glam profile of Annie Sprinkle, one of my biggest heroes! You just have to read it to learn all about the feminist porn wars and the evolution of sex-positive feminist art activism that Annie and her wife Beth Stephens gleefully helped to found and continue to practice. “Instead of ignoring the performer’s perspective and feelings, Annie Sprinkle’s gleeful approach reaffirmed a woman’s right to decide what was and was not degrading in performance, and upheld a woman’s right to fuck for profit, pleasure, and/or power,” says Johnson. “Let there be pleasure on Earth, and let it begin with me. I’m acting locally!” says Sprinkle. So. Freaking. Glam.
  2. Speaking of sex work, Everything We Think We Know About Sex Trafficking Could Be Wrong, according to Lane Anderson at Deseret News. A new study of young sex workers on the east coast is debunking the violent-pimp-forcing-peple-into-prostitution ideas that have dominated discussions about sex work in America for decades. Not only does this excellent writeup make a distinction between sexual abuse and sex work (yesssss!), it also points to the ways in which legislation and outreach fail real sex workers because of the outdated or mythical assumptions that people make about sex work. And the kicker? The researches learned all of this from talking to sex workers like people. Who’d have thunk it, right? *glam eyebrow lift*
  3. My insanely glam friend and beloved editor of Luna Luna Magazine, Lisa Marie Basile, just wrote up a list of 15 Pieces of Old-Fashioned Sex Advice That Will Make You Cringe for Marie Claire. Truly, it will make you cringe. And thank your glam-ass stars for women like Annie Sprinkle who have worked so hard to educate us about how wrong all of this advice really is.
  4. Autostraddle’s Kayla posits, Look, All the Women in “Ghostbusters” Are Gay — Deal With It: I haven’t seen the film yet (dying to do so but majorly broke), so I didn’t read this in detail for fear of spoilers. But I’m pretty much on board with this reading and I will take it with me to the movie theater for sure. Along with my glam.
  5. I’m loving this adorable and totally glam piece from Lux Alptraum at Extra Crispy about What Porn Stars Eat for Breakfast. Curious? (Hint: coffee is not so great for anal scenes.) And you can branch out into more breakfast talk on the site by discovering why Eating Breakfast Like Hunter S. Thompson Is a Terrible Idea.
  6. I’m psyched to see that Thrillist has reviewed The Nooky Box, my friend and colleague Meg Ross’s brilliant and glam subscription box of sexy goodies. (Hint: there may or may not be a Lynsey G-curated box on the way….)
  7. Love giving blowjobs but nobody believes you? Simply can’t fathom why any woman would enjoy it? Giving Blowjobs and Loving It: A Full-Throated Defense by Charlotte Shane at Fusion will rock your world.
  8. OKAY HAVE YOU SEEN MICHELLE OBAMA’S GLAM-AS-FUCK DNC SPEECH YET? Here it is. Watch it. Love it. Memorize it.

SO GLAM, right?

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