PERVERT — “A sick but sly wink in our direction about what’s going on in our own heads.”


Paul Thomas Presents/Hustler Video

Dir. by Paul Thomas

Run Time 120 minutes

DEGENERATES Lily LeBeau, Samantha Ryan, Crissy Hines, Sarah Shevon, Bobbi Starr, Otto Bauer, Eric Swiss, Anthony Rosano

Paul Thomas is almost synonymous by now with porn directing. If they had an encyclopedia of pornography terms, his picture would appear right alongside “Legend” in the “Directors” and “Actors” section of the tawdry tome. But despite the hundreds (IAFD puts the number at 327 directed, 602 performed) of titles under his rarely-there belt, even the King of Cooze sometimes yearns for something new and different. And, when the King of Crumbling American Morals wants something, he gets it. Behold: the new, independent, fearless Paul Thomas Presents studio, from whence a line of new feature films shall issue forth, like cock-crazed commandments from on the peak of Mt. Sinful. The first of these on which I have laid my grubby hands is Pervert.

Freed from the constraints of the more vanilla demands of corporate studios (Mr. Thomas has been directing for the likes of Vivid for years, and while I’m sure Vivid Alt was interesting to him at first, if his tastes run as dirty as Pervert would imply, I feel certain he went as limp as the rest of the artsy porn community when he saw Eon McKai’s paltry attempts at perversion), Paul Thomas is using his own studio to present the darker side of lust, the creepier side of porn, and the dirtier side of directing. In Pervert, two short films, both filled to bursting with their own takes on what it means to be a degenerate, both pack a prurient punch that even the most devoted vanilla porn fan is sure to find delightfully degrading and finger-licking filthy.

In the first, “Grudge Fuck,” Lily LaBeau’s “Joy” rips her gorgeous yet grossly morally degraded way through a series of ever-more debaucherous dalliances, from exhibitionist sex in a bar bathroom; to unrepentant domination of two floor-scrubbing, leashed, gagged, and bound slaves (one willing Sarah Shevon and one slightly less willing — at first — Otto Bauer); to strapping one on to DP her “dog”; to taking a throat fuck like a real sport. If there are any mainstream, mildly BDSM- or exhibitionist-related subversive sex acts your depravity misses in this vignette, hold onto your horses. There’s more coming… Although, if you haven’t felt a sick yet sexy stirring of shame at how searingly hot this f-ed up strokefest is and blown your load already to something you were told as a child you should never think about, let alone watch or enjoy, you’re simply not licentious enough for this lewd film. Or maybe you’re too licentious to lose it over such tawdry tidbits. But whether you’ve gotten your rocks off to the ribald action so far or not, the rest of the film is worth a go.

The second short, “Rob In the Hood,” chronicles the violent, twisted, and deliciously delinquent doings of “Ron” (Eric Swiss), an obscenely overpaid LA lawyer with a penchant for donning a hoodie and sunglasses to pick up hookers and making them do unorthodox things with pantyhose; mug unsuspecting strangers for the adrenaline rush and the voyeuristic pleasure of his lady friend; relate all his exploits in detail to his therapist; fuck his therapist; and defile every woman his best friend, “John” (Anthony Rosano) has ever loved or lusted after. Be it noted, however, that John is no saint himself; he has a thing for shoe fucking. Samantha Ryan puts in a typically too-smart-for-porn but therefore blazingly ball-draining performance as love-interest and shrink Marian, and Bobbi Starr and Chrissy Hinds manage to manhandle even these two lewd lawyers into submission in a four-way worth rewinding.

I’ll admit that I can think of a host of perversions Paul Thomas chose not to cover in Pervert, but then again, if he packed it all into one movie, what would he do with the next one? I have a feeling Paul Thomas Presents will be a studio more interested in exploring the cringe-inducing yet fascinating dungeons of our darkest desires at a slow and measured, many-movied pace than trying to stuff too many maudlin misdeeds into his first few efforts. A man who’s been directing blue films for almost as long as I’ve been alive has no reason to hurry into the very darkest corners, and with the skill with which he presents the gray areas, I’m almost more interested to see more of these less-extreme deviations given enough time and screen space to breathe. After all, we’ve all got our kinks and our secrets, and it would be no fun to have them all dragged out into the sunlight in one fell swoop; Max Hardcore is about to be released from prison, and I have a feeling his pasty ass will be right back at his unfettered filth-mongering as soon as humanly possible, so why ask for more of the same from Thomas? What he’s bringing to the table is an exploration of our sexual psyches and a sick but sly wink in our direction as he shows us what’s going on in our own heads. Personally, I’m looking forward to it.

—Miss Lagsalot

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