Coming in the Closet

We're going to go ahead and assume it was an electical closet. Because that's more fun.

More delightful stories for your self-gratification during Masturbation Month! Spread the word: masturbation is fun, safe, and oh-so-sexy! This story comes to us from an anonymous reader, whose friends are apparently much more forthcoming with their sordid details than mine are… I’ll have to give him a call to make some introductions.

During one particular stretch of bachelor life, I found my libido incorrigible. I would be in scenarios where a good fapping proved impossible for many reasons: I’d be a guest at a party, my roommate would be in the next room, or I’d be at work, and so on.

I have a penchant for discussing sex with others, especially women. People trust me. It’s sort of a gift.

So one day at work an old friend of mine told me in a text message that she had just experimented with a double penetration scenario: cock in her ass, vibrator in her pussy.

I was intrigued, and the decreased space in my pants told me so. Work was slow. There weren’t many people around. And I was between projects.

So I just found my way into a closet and locked it behind me. Then I called my friend.

As she described to me the fantastic sensation of getting pumped from both ends, I started jerking off. Erring on the side of caution, I kept my pants buckled and looped my balls through my fly to add a delicious amount of pressure.

My paranoia that I could be discovered excited me. The tingles in my cock felt so wrong that they eventually became right. As my friend described how her boyfriend came hard in her ass, unable to handle the added sensations of their encounter, I too squirted into a handful of tissues I had pilfered from my desk.

The pleasure was immense, combining illicit phone conversations with the nature of what I was doing and where I was doing it. I wanked off to a sex story on the clock, and got away with it.

I wadded up the tissues and threw them away, then returned to the world as though nothing happened. I still felt the red in my cheeks long afterward, and I kept smiling for no apparent reason well after I clocked out.

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