Poetry, Poetry, Poetry

I’m going to go ahead and post a poem. Because I spent all weekend reading and listening to poetry at the Second Annual New York City Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island, and dammit, this shizzle is fo’ rizzle! (That rhymed! Ah, poetry is everywhere!!)

I stole this from The Poetry Society of New York's page. Yes I did.

Broad Strokes

I will never rip a single bird

from among its flock, spread low over the field,

and devour it raw

there amidst the ankle-high autumn cornstalks.

I am not that specific.


But it’s possible

I’ve been pulled so hard

from above and below

at one time,

stretched even by my own doing,

that near my belly-button

there could be a single



of me

stronger than the guts

that holds together stubbornly.

This piece may be

so fine

that if you were to twist,

you could paint what I am

in gorgeous script

on a single starling’s eye.


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