Research, Readings, and WTF?!

Several things you all should know about:

1) I’m researching the issue of adult performers and health care and have gotten some interesting leads. I’m trying to get in touch with Amber Peach about her article on Huffington Post, and have planned a few chats with performers about the issue.

2) The Second Annual New York City Poetry Festival is this weekend on Governor’s Island, and yours truly will be there! I’ll be doing a public reading at around 1:45 on Saturday afternoon (as part of the Poetry Brothel showcase), and will be lounging around before and after it, and some of the day on Sunday, waiting for people to pay me to read to them in my corset and sexitude. Drop by! Any event on Governor’s Island is basically an excuse for sitting on a blanket in the sun (this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!) and drinking (covertly) all the wine you can.

3) And I stumbled across this sweet slice of utterly mind-boggling weirdness while searching for old Ren & Stimpy clips last night on the internet. Even for John Kricfalusi and Björk, this is BATSHIT. And it’s been around since 1996. And I’ve never seen it before. WHAT is going on here?!

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