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I’m in a pretty hardcore stage of rereading and editing my own work right now, guys. Revisiting old projects, finishing unfinished stories and projects, and generally not putting much energy into making new things. In this frame of mind, it’s difficult to think of things to blog about. I’m working on two articles for WHACK! right now that will be finished soon (don’t worry, I’ll post them here, too!), but after those are published I may not write anything new for a while… Soooo I’m going to read instead! I’ve got a bunch of books to dive into, and reviews will follow hot on their heels! The list so far:

1) The Myth of Sex Addiction by David Ley, PhD. — I’m interested in this topic for a lot of reasons. One being that, while I’m sure there are some individuals out there for whom sex is a legitimate addiction, I believe that by and large, “addictions” of a sexual nature are catch-all terms for other, and much deeper, psychological and social issues. Sex and porn addiction are money-making machines for numerous treatment mechanisms, and symptoms of much larger and deeper issues in the way our society thinks about sex. We’ll see if Dr. Ley’s book helps or hinders my ideas. (I’m also very interested in his other book, Insatiable Wives, which I may have to pick up as well.)

2) Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire by Eric Berkowitz — Is the first in a series (two-volume, I think?) discussing the history of policing sex. Do I need to explain why this is fascinating?

Other suggestions? I may go for Sex at Dawn, but honestly I think I’ve already read all the source material that book is based on, so it might be a bit of a yawn for me…

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