Reading Tonight at Shakespeare & Co.!


Hello, darlings! Meet me tonight at Shakespeare & Co. in Missoula for a live reading and book signing! I’ll be reading from the book starting around 7:00 pm, answering questions, signing hardcovers of Watching Porn, and hopefully drinking wine. Can’t wait to see you there!

The event was prefaced by this rad, thoughtful, and thorough writeup by Cory Walsh in The Missoulian newspaper! We chatted earlier this week over kombucha about the book, and wow, did Cory ever capture the heart of our conversation! He covered everything from my fears about releasing the book to my cleverness in disguising an informative text as a memoir, and watching him dance around the terminology that he couldn’t print in the family-oriented newspaper is pretty entertaining.

I also had a long chat with Unbound Box, a really fabulous startup that’s making sexy subscription boxes and original content, about whether the women in porn are okay or not, how silly it is to put a lot of pressure on whether the orgasms on screen are real or not, and how to be an ethical, feminist consumer of smut.

Give the Woodstock Book Talk Radio podcast a listen! I was featured this week, along with interviews with Finn Murphy, Paul Green, and performances from Theresa Drescher and Brandon Tomassetti!

There’s also a new review of Watching Porn up at BriefTake, which is not glowing but not bad, either. I guess I used Jenna Haze’s name too many times? Whatever. I love Jenna Haze and I will not apologize!

In other news,  won’t give it all away, but suffice it to say if you keep your eyes on and in the next week, you might get a glimpse of me!

And, in the meantime, other people’s work keeps blowing me away with its awesomeness! A smattering:



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