Recovering from NYC: Links, News, Radio Shows, & More

I’m back in Montana after a whirlwind trip to New York City to promote Watching Porn! I’m now recovering from my trip while also preparing two new articles, preparing for several interviews with some amazing publications, and completing a few other projects. Here’s the latest about the book and my other work—and some fun other stuff, too—for your reading, listening, and submitting enjoyment!

Book Stuff

Watching Porn is tearing it up! It’s in most major bookstores (I went into the Barnes & Noble in Union Square in New York and stealth-signed the copies on the shelf there! see video!) and lots of indie ones, too. Get a copy at your favorite bookshop, or order online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Indiebound, Shakespeare & Co., or the Strand. (Pro tip: Shakespeare & Co. and the Strand have signed copies available!)

If you’re not sure about making the purchase without knowing a bit more about me and what I do, good news! I’ve been doing interviews like it’s my job (which it kind of is) lately, and you can listen or read them before you buy:

MEL Magazine

“The ‘Normal’ Person’s Guide to Sex,” the sex advice column for which I pair sexual question askers with expert advice givers, continues! This month’s installment? “A Sex Guide for People Whose Partners Won’t Go Down on Them“! This one features the sexpert stylings of Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman, creators of the experiential Somatica Method of Sex and Relationship Coaching. And it features the best animated GIF I’ve ever seen!

Look, oral sex is an important part of a healthy sex life for many of us, so I was thrilled to help “Tracy” seek answers for her relationship! And I want to help you find answers for yours from renowned sex experts, counselors, and therapists! Send me your questions, if you’ve got them, at misslagsalot[at]gmail[dot]com!

Oneshi Press

My fledgling independent publishing company, Oneshi Press, is gearing up to release our first-ever comics anthology this summer. In the meantime, we’re opening up submissions for the second anthology, due out this fall! We’re seeking submissions of eight-page graphic works—comics, snippets of graphic novels, graphic short stories, you name it—that are immersive, progressive, and gorgeous. We’re particularly interested in work from people whose work has harder time being seen by big publishers. So LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, nonbinary individuals, indigenous people, and others—we want to hear from you! Depending on the project and the creators’ preferences, we offer up-front payment of back-end royalty-based compensation. Inquire at info[at]oneshipress[dot]com for more details!

Other Great Stuff

A few fantastic reads have popped up on my radar as I’ve been running around over the past few weeks. Give them a read!

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