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apologies tim curry polaroids lynsey gThe apologies are for the fact that I haven’t been blogging, lovers. The truth is, things are pretty frantic over here at Chez Lynsey G. I am finishing the first draft of a book and preparing to go on a two-week trip to the East Coast the moment I’ve turned that first draft in to the publisher. I’ve been working very long days to try to make my deadline, and there just hasn’t been much time for blogging. (Fair warning: if you’ve ever been interviewed by moi about anything pertaining the adult entertainment industry, you’ll very likely find yourself quoted in this book!)

So, for the paucity of posts on LynseyG.com recently, I do apologize. And let me also apologize in advance, because I’m not sure what my ability to blog over the next two weeks will be, either. My hope is that, after turning in the book manuscript, these weeks will be delightfully free from obligations of all kinds (ie, a vacation), so I may just forget I have a website and go wild. Hopefully, if that occurs, pictures will later ensue.

At any rate, in the meantime, here are…


  1. Firstly, please oh please consider taking a gander at the Patreon page that my partner, Jayel Draco, and I have set up for our new publishing company, Oneshi Press! We will be creating graphic novels, art books, and comic books, and we hope to branch out into other areas as we progress! We have information on our first three gorgeous projects, plus art and goodies, at our Patreon page and at our website. We can use all the support you can muster, from cash moneys to shares, mentions, and likes on social media (we have a Facebook, a Tumblr, and a Twitter). The more support we get, the faster we can create the beautiful and thought-provoking books you definitely want to read.
  2. Next link! You have got to check out this groundbreaking new article at EdenEncoded, a Christian blog that has apparently discovered that sex toys are portals to the demonic realm, you guys. Well, color me embarrassed! Here I’ve been going along with scientific research that says masturbation is good for you and, you know, my own biological imperative to release stress, mitigate pain, and feel, like, good about life. Apparently, “sex toys are an open portal between the demonic realm and your own life.” For the past twenty years, I’ve been letting my vulva act as a gateway to unleashing sex demons into the world. I’ve even been promoting the use of Satan’s tools to other women! I feel such a fool! This is stressing me out. I think I’m going to go masturbate. I mean, hey, if this article is right, I’ve already unleashed untold evil into this plane of existence. Why stop now? Wheeee!
  3. A really good, really readable, really (I think) important article was published by Hayley MacMillen over at Refinery29 last week. In it, MacMillen discusses how she supports “feminist” porn and “porn for women” and wants to champion them, but she finds herself more turned on by more “mainstream” porn with more questionable ethics. How to navigate this complicated set of feelings and urges? Is it okay to prefer content that you might not be positive was ethically made? Thankfully, Kelly Shibari comes to the rescue, pointing out that a lot of “mainstream” porn is made in very feminist ways, although it may not be possible to tell in the finished product. Read more here!
  4. Heeeeyyyyy, an article in the Independent that says blaming porn for all the issues that young people are having around sex is a bad idea! Holy moly, everybody! A quote: “‘Rather than, potentially futile, attempts to limit access to porn, we should be investing efforts in developing high quality and inclusive sex education that encourages young people to engage critically with sexual content in the contemporary media landscape,’ suggests Dr Mercer.” I thought it would never happen, you guys. I’m getting a little teary.
  5. This is important. Previously unreleased vintage Polaroids of Tim Curry in costume on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show have shown up on the Internet and you need to see them. Oh my god.
  6. Vital nutrition information for all readers of this blog: the nutrient content of a mouthful of pussy, and why you should (not really) give up kombucha and yogurt for licking vulva.
  7. Oh did I mention I was on Ellen? Well. Okay, I wasn’t on Ellen. But a copy of a magazine with an article I wrote was! So basically I’m super famous now. No big deal. (TOTALLY A BIG DEAL. Oh here’s the article I wrote about my muse and heroine, Audrey Munson.)

That’s it for now, my loves! I hope to be back at blogging soon! Ciao!


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