Toot toot!

toot toot Columbia Triumphant by Attilio Piccirilli, photo by Jayel Draco
“Columbia Triumphant,” the monumental sculpture atop the USS Maine Memorial at the southwest entrance to Central Park. Photo by Jayel Draco.

Do you hear that tooting, friends? That slightly annoying, repetitive sound is the melodious tone of my own horn, which I am currently tooting. Because the past week was kind of a butt-kicking one for me, and I’m going to tell you why!

  1. The article I wrote about the object of my obsession for the past few years, the early-twentieth-century artist’s model, actress, Vaudeville star, and badass Audrey Munson, was published on BUST Magazine’s website, where you can now read it for free without purchasing the print magazine! (Of course you probably should buy it anyway, because BUST is rad and they could use your dollars.) There are photos of some sculptures of Audrey by my partner, Jayel Draco, in the article, too. We’re a pretty hardcore creative team.

    toot toot Mourning Victory by Daniel Chester French, photo by Jayel Draco
    “Mourning Victory” by Daniel Chester French, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo by Jayel Draco.
  2. So check out this craziness: awesome boss lady Melissa McCarthy was featured on the cover of the issue of BUST that includes my Audrey Munson article. And last week, Ms. McCarthy was on The Ellen Show. And on that show… Ellen totally checked out the magazine! Look at this screen shot! LOOK AT IT! My article is in there! I AM FAMOUS!
  3. Sometimes I worry that by getting so excited by my occasional brushes with fame, I am being impossibly gauche. And then I remember that I don’t care, because I work hard and I deserve to act like an idiot about things like this, dagnabbit.
  4. Speaking of brushes with fame! I read Sex in the Museum, the brand-spanking-new book from Sarah Forbes about her twelve years as the curator of The Museum of Sex in New York City. Sarah and I have been friends for years–I think since the Domi Dollz workshop we both attended at Coco de Mer some time ago, and which she wrote about in her book! I think she also referenced a panel discussion about pornography in the book, too. Like I said, famous!
  5. And, after I read the book, I spoke to Sarah about her writing process, her curatorial dreams, her kinks, her favorite stag film, and much more, for an article that was published just yesterday at Luna Luna Magazine! Please enjoy–and pick up a copy of Sex in the Museum for a fun but very informative read that will definitely get some eyebrow lifts out of anyone who sees you reading it. Check out the cover! I love it!sex in the museum cover

3 thoughts on “Toot toot!

  1. Sofia says:

    Lynsey, I just finished reading your article on Munson, and am absolutely mesmerized, what a fascinating person she seems to have been! The article was just beautiful. Now I want to know everything there is to know about Munson. What should I read next? Best of luck!

    1. Lynsey G says:

      I’mm so glad you enjoyed it, Sofia! There is a new book about Audrey “The Curse of Beauty” by James Bone. I haven’t read it yet; it just came out last month. Also, “Queen of the Artists’ Studios” by Diane Rozas and Anita Bourne. An article in The Believer in summer 201 called “Desscending Night,” and there are many articles online, as well. Happy Munson-reading!

      1. Sofia says:

        Thank you sooo much, I’ll start reading the James Bone one right away, I’ll let you know if it’s any good! 🙂


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