TOUCHE FRIGGA — “One hell of a small yet mighty muff manipulator.”


I could make this into a bad review if I wanted to. Because heres’ the thing. The Frigga is so powerful, so mind-blowingly strong in its vibrations, that the hand I was holding it with is still numb and tingly as I write this. Which makes it very hard to write. Also, after a good orgasm I’m usually so hungry I need food right away, but I can’t get a good grip on my fork because of my numb hand. So all things told, I’m not too pleased right now.

But then, my cooch sure is. The Frigga packs one hell of a punch for the pussy. With ten settings ranging from a low vibe that’s as powerful as the high settings on my other vibrators (oh, yes, I have many… many) to dash-dash-dot-dot patterns, a memory that keeps track of what setting got you off last time, a body of super-high-grade silicone that doesn’t even need lubrication for insertion, and a unique shape that works in any number of tantalizing ways on the old vulva, this is one hell of a small yet mighty muff manipulator.

I spent an hour and a half with the Frigga, learning its cavalcade of settings and trying out different pussy-pleasing positions, and by the time I was done I was tingling all over, numb in some spots, and satisfied in every way. Too bad my hand, which is still my trustiest toy of all, is too numb to have another go round. And I’m afraid if I pick that toy back up for another twat tickle, I’ll never feel my fingers again. And of course my clit might fall of completely. So in the end I guess I’m going to tread lightly on the Frigga for fear of numbing my nether regions permanently, but I have a feeling I’ll bring it out when I need the big guns.

—Miss Lagsalot

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