What Would the Apocalypse Mean to You?

So let’s say today IS the end of the world. Let’s just do a little hypothetical brain and heart game. Let’s say that this evening, fireballs start to fall from the sky, or aliens blow up our major cities, or the Elder Gods attack, or somesuch. Let’s say that tomorrow morning, most of civilization as know it is gone and that you, who are reading this, are one of a small number of survivors left to figure out how to behave in this new, empty world.

What would you do? More importantly, how would you behave? With all the “rules” gone, your continued survival no longer a sure thing, all social codes wiped out, and an entirely new beginning in front of you… how would you act? If your smartphone stopped working and you couldn’t check Facebook and you had no job and money meant nothing anyway, who would you become?

Would you try to help the people around you to survive? Would you learn to apply your talents and skills toward the betterment of the group you were living or traveling with? Would you stop worrying about whether your shoes were in fashion? Would you be more willing to live in the moment, to appreciate what you have, and to thank the earth for sustaining you?

I think that, even if the world doesn’t end today, maybe we should start living like we would if the apocalypse had come anyway. Take the sticks out of our asses and look around and live free. Feel the wind in our hair, hold tight to the ones we love, donate to charity, give back to our planet. Forget the anxiety and the rules that keep us from being our true selves. Revel in what we love and get better at what we’re good at so we can give it to others because we want to help each other survive, and not just survive but live. Live free.

0 thoughts on “What Would the Apocalypse Mean to You?

  1. Lydia says:

    I really like this idea.

    How have you put it to practical use in your own life?

    I’ve found that avoiding advertisements (especially commercials) helps me to keep perspective. It’s hard to want stuff you don’t realize exists. 😉

    1. Lynsey G says:

      I don’t have cable, or any television programming, and I find that I love the lack of commercials! When I do see advertisements on TV at friends’ houses, or before movies in the theater, I’m always amazed at how GOOD those people are at marketing to the correct audience. The colors they use, the music, the pacing… So creepily perfect!


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