I Wrote About the First Sex Toy for Trans Men!

sex toy for trans men buck-off lynsey gI’ve been pretty excited about the fact that trans activist and “tranpa” Buck Angel has helped develop the first sex toy for trans men! The Buck-off is the first and only pleasure product designed specifically for the bodies and needs of trans men, and luckily for me, the wonderful people at MEL Magazine were just as stoked as I was when I told them about it! The result is an article I wrote for them, with the help of Buck himself and his co-developers at Perfect Fit Brand pleasure products.

A morsel:

The Buck-off’s design helps to meet a need that’s particular to the trans market. “There are many men like myself who have a vagina,” says Angel, “yet they do not necessarily want to interact [with] or touch themselves,” as a result of body dysmorphia that sometimes plagues trans folks. “This stroker will let you experience a sexual sensation that you would not get otherwise,” Angel explains. “I am hoping to inspire guys to start masturbating with the Buck-off.”

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I’m really proud of this piece because I feel that this is an important moment for trans guys and the gender noncomforming community in general. The marketplace has slowly but surely been opening itself to the needs of the trans community, but the idea of sexual pleasure has been held off on until now. It seems of deep importance to me that pleasure be seen as a universal human right for all of us–not just those whose genitals match our assigned gender at birth. The trans community in particular faces more hurdles than many of us when it comes to reconciling bodies, desire, and pleasure. Products like the Buck-off–a stroker made to fit the changing bodies of transitioning men–can help to normalize the pursuit of pleasure for folks who don’t see many paths laid out for them to follow.

I’d love your feedback on the article, and I’m sure PerfectFit wouldn’t mind a few more pre-orders! Hint hint!



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