A Product Review for You, and You, and You and You and You-uu!

I am in a musical kind of mood today. Probably because I woke up to my neighbor’s pounding bass downstairs as he painted his apartment. Annoying, but now I’m all sing-y. So please forgive me for linking you to a product review I did for WHACK! Magazine of the Tantus Feeldo Vibrating Double-Ended Dildo with a Sound of Music reference. I know it’s a rather dirty misappropriation of a childhood favorite, but hey, if the Feeldoe doesn’t make you and your partner both cum alive with the sound of… music… or moaning… there’s something seriously wrong. A highlight: “Even after all the wine and my typical sweaty-palmed excitement, figuring out how to use the thing didn’t take me more than a few seconds. And the Feeldoe’s slender shape and smooth feel helped make the process easy for both partners, but the design is so brilliant that, when things moved from sweet and romantic to wild and spank-ass-ing, the Feeldoe kept right up with the motion of the ocean. I mean it. Just because we’re both ladies does not mean that my lover and I don’t get crazy; bottle(s) of wine notwithstanding, I seem to remember some spanking, slapping, dirty talking, and lots of “Look at me I have a cock!” posturing going on while I was the anchor. It was… ahh… divine.” Go read it, leave comments, leave love! I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with a DVD review, my lovelies.

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