MAY I Present Some Links? (Get it? Cause It’s May?)

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Okay, so I’m a little disappointed by early May. I’m not gonna lie. It’s way colder than I want it to be here in Missoula. Sure, it’s beautiful. The trees are starting to grow leaves, and the fruit trees are in bloom. But it’s too cold to go out and enjoy it all in a sundress, which was what I’d hoped to be doing for Beltane this year. Sigh. But I digress! It’s time for a monthly links round-up, and I’ve got a few goodies to share with you, whether it’s warm enough for flip-flops or NOT!

So, MAY I present to you some hand-picked links from around the internet? (Get it? MAY I? Cause it’s May?…Shush. I’m trying to keep my spirits up. Any joke helps. Even a stupid one.)

These Links MAY Prove Interesting:

Some Self-Centered Links You MAY Enjoy:

  • I’m Kickstarting the second comicbook of PACK, my series about vigilante dogs! This series takes a hard look at animal welfare issues, human error, gentrification, and corruption. The second issue, Kindness, takes no prisoners in its examination of the stigma and challenges faced by pit bulls, while continuing the ongoing story of a pack of stray dogs—and one stray man—who deliver brutal justice on the streets of Brooklyn. Help support the campaign if you can, and share it whether you can pledge or not! Every tweet, post, and mention helps!
  • A great review of Volume 1 from my graphic novel, Tracy Queen, went up at Rogue’s Portal the other day! Reviewer Brendan Hykes wrote, “This is a solid indie book. If you’re into indie comics and don’t mind a little sex and a lot of weird shit, I definitely recommend giving Tracy Queen Volume 1 a chance.” Read the rest here!
  • Did you know I’ve been reading chapters from my book live on Facebook every other weekend? And did you know you can watch ALL of the videos so far on YouTube and Facebook? Well. You can.
  • And did you know you can get copies of my book right here on my site? Welp. You can.
  • Or that you can support my work comics creation and publishing company, Oneshi Press, on Patreon? Guess what? You can!
  • Well, how about the fact that you can hire me as an editor, copyeditor, or writing coach? It’s true. Hit me up for more info!

Okay, that’s it for May! See you back here in a month, when I’ll be so busy wearing sundresses I may forget even more links! Yeehaw!

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