Justine Joli: Lost


Triangle Films

Directed by Kathryn Annelle

Starring: Justine Joli, Ariel X, Claire Adams, Kimberly Kane, Nina Hartley, Sasha Grey, Syd Blakovich

We all know one of those girls. You know, that one who’s so goddamn beautiful, so smart, so sexy, so capable of so much… and yet she just can’t seem to get her shit together? Just can’t manage to get her head on straight? Justine Joli, in Triangle Films’ Lost, has an especially hard time with the head straightening thing because she’s only interested in pussy, anyway. And pussy follows her wherever she goes, falling all over itself to get her into bed and falling in love with her once her legs are spread.

On the heels of a bad breakup (with Claire Adams, who caught her literally fucking the plumber, Syd Blakovich in the hottest predictable porn scene I’ve watched in ages), Justine embarks on a depressed journey into the arms of woman after woman, trying to get back to some kind of normalcy.

But, here’s the thing. You know what the real issue with those girls is? Those girls you fall so desperately in love with because you think they’re so under-appreciated, just never given a chance to shine? Who you eventually realize you’re only in love with because of their perfect tits and sky-high libido and sweet smile? Here’s the thing: they get plenty of chances to make their lives better, most of them. But they’re just too busy fucking everything that moves to worry about it; when you’re gorgeous enough to get by on someone else’s charity because that person also mistook lust for love, just like everyone else you’re fucking, you don’t really need to work hard, do you? Or live up to your potential? No, you don’t. You can just keep on being pretty and sweet and sexy in turns, and it all works out. But, fair warning: you might get beat up with a dildo (by Kimberly Kane), scorned for boning the wrong person (Sasha Grey), and maybe even whipped with a belt by Nina Hartley for your slutty behavior. Which, all things considered, could be a hell of a lot worse. And, for those of us just watching, it doesn’t get much better.

I’ll come right out and admit it: I have a huge crush on Justine Joli, and I’m pretty sure everyone else in the world with a penchant for pussy does, too. If they don’t, they just haven’t seen her movies yet. I have, as you may have noticed, a soft spot for pale redheads, so Justine is right up my alley, and after watching her blaze her way through scene after sizzling scene in Lost, I would really like to be up in her alley, if you know what I mean. The woman is not only possessed of one of the most beautiful bodies this side of Eden (although it occurred to me as I watched Lost that she’s so skinny right in the middle that I wonder where she keeps all her organs), but she’s also skilled at using it for everything from taking a delicious-looking hate fuck to finger-fucking Sasha Grey within an inch of her life to riding a strap-on like a rodeo cowboy to bringing Syd Blakovich to a screaming orgasm. She’s like a cooch chameleon, this girl.

But Justine wasn’t the only one ripping up the screen in Lost: her encounters with some of the lesbian porn community’s hottest performers brought me face to face, at last, with my borderline-obsessive lust for Syd Blakovich, my slightly uncomfortable appreciation of Sasha Grey’s beauty and intensity, and my utterly obsequious worship of Nina Hartley. I discovered Ariel X’s beautiful cheekbones and a whole new appreciation for visually stimulating scissoring, and was wowed by Claire Adams’ quadruple pussy piercings. I swooned over Kimberly Kane’s ability to own a scene, and a girlfriend who’s gone astray, with raw girl power. And while I won’t say that Lost is exactly a modern masterpiece of cinema–the movie follows a mostly-understandable plot but falls into its own inability to explain what’s going on from time to time, and it has really no ending whatsoever other than a satisfied Nina and Justine grinning at each other after an intense strap-on sesh–it was, I’m willing to say, more engaging than your average blue film. Justine can act, and she’s joined by a cast of other proficient performers (and of course writer/director Kathryn Anelle) who put together a series of sex scenes that made me slobber with a storyline that made me go, “Yeah, I know that girl! I don’t pity her misfortune, but I have always wanted to watch her get fucked.” I’m going to go ahead and mention that it’s a rare thing, even for a connoisseur of porn like myself, to identify with a fuck flick, but Lost got me there. Oh, and it got me there, too–and by there I mean to orgasm–several times over.

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