Luna Luna Love & Lust Advice Column

My very first sexpert/pervert/porn aficionado Love & Lust advice column is out on Luna Luna Magazine! I’m so psyched! I’ve always wanted a sex column and I have one at a fabulous site that caters to goth people who tend toward feminism. This month I got a whole lot of questions, so the column is in two parts.

Love & Lust Advice Column Lynsey G by Jayel Draco
Your friendly neighborhood sexpert advice columnist (Image by Jayel Draco)

In the first one, I answer questions from someone wondering why so many sex-positive women still hate it when their partners watch porn, a newly-single woman who wants to get kinky with her fuck buddy without scaring him off, and someone who has an uncontrollable urge to do something with women’s underwear.

In the second, I go into detail about ideas for rekindling the spark in a marriage and some ideas on handling hand jobs.

Go read it! And comment! And send me your own questions! There’s a lil’ question-asky thing at the bottom of both posts.

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