“Shameless”ly Promoting TV and My Own Genius

1) First off, my new favorite show ever got a shout-out from Fleshbot: “‘Shameless’ Explores the Every Day Life of the Cam Girl.” I’m not the only porn-minded individual in love with this series! Go, go, gadget good-taste! And they bring up an excellent point: the lives of ladies like this are shrouded in mystery to most of us. What do they actually DO to make money, is it illegal, and how can I get some? What’s it like to be one and be married? How much money do they make? Etc, etc. Maybe we’ll learn some more from this show, or maybe we’ll just get to see lots more boobies. Either way, I’m entertained.

2) I swear I’m going to review something soon. It’s been quite a weekend so far and I have a long day ahead of me, but I promise, in the next few days, you’ll get a review of either “Matinee” from Blue Artichoke Films (beauuutiful) or “Imperfect Angels: Episode 10” from Girlfriends. Or, maybe if you’re all really good and comment lots, you’ll get BOTH!

3) I realized something last night. It was only a matter of time till it happened, or at least until I noticed it, I suppose, but it brought up some interesting questions. The issue at hand? I tend to think every TV show, movie, music video, etc. that I watch these days is a porno. Or at least I find myself narrating over top of the real dialogue and action to fit things into more porny scenarios, which are playing out in my head all the time. I’ve been watching lots of porn professionally for over three years now and writing about it from a critical standpoint for two, and by this point I’m often disappointed by how unsexy I can find porn, nudity, sexual tension… the whole mess of it. When you spend all day thinking about this stuff, it just loses some of its pizazz, you know? But the set-up? I apparently find the idea of turning any mundane situation into a porno FASCINATING, or at least funny. The action might bore the crap out of me unless it’s incredibly inspired by now, but the unending ways in which one can combine the characters on an old Japanese sit-com/action series? Hilarious! Exhibit A: Watching Great Teacher Onizuka last night with my girlfriend. “Oh, man, look at the Head Teacher! She’s such a cougar! Onizuka is totally going to bone her! Look, she’s checking him out from behind those old-school plastic frames. Get her out of those high-wasted pants, Onizuka!” Or, “Wow, I can’t believe that delivery guy didn’t just bend her over that table, I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE! Why would they NOT?”
And yet, when confronted with most real people, bodies, and situations, I find the idea of spontaneous porn-bustion unsettling. Exhibit B: earlier in the evening at my girlfriend’s last night, hanging out with a bunch of friends in a very warm room where some of the dudes had removed their shirts for comfort. I looked at the panorama of people who were semi-clothed and immediately saw the possibility for a pornographic situation arising, but hoped against hope it wouldn’t happen. That would be awkward, and I’d have to figure out how to respond and, I mean, I don’t want to get involved, cause I KNOW these people and it could get weird. Plus it’d just be so trite and predictable and, well, yawwwwn.
Hm. Interesting dichotomy, no? Remember my bemoaning the idea of porn as fantasy and how it affects our perception of real sex and our own personal emotional involvement? I was SO right.

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