The Christmas Spirit in DADT Legislation and World Orgasms for Peace

2 More Things:

1) President Obama signed the repeal of DADT this morning, thundering that, “We are not a nation that says, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’ We’re a nation that says, ‘Out of many we are one.'” Damn skippy! The cynical part of my brain wants to make a quip about how it’s great that the people putting their lives on the line over wars we can’t possibly win against unseeable, unknowable enemies who have more oil than us can now be open about their sexualities. Good that we can all be sure that the soldiers fighting for no good reason in countries we didn’t even know existed ten years ago are now able to fully express themselves in their daily lives in whatever terrorist-ridden region we’ve sent them to.
But then, I think of what John McCain’s too-pale, overly-make-up-ed, puffy face must look like right now. The Grinch of All Things Gay must be pouting like a champ at this very moment. I’m imagining a lumpy, bright-red tomato with steam coming out its ears. And that makes me happy. Also, it makes me happy that SOME kind of legislation that favors the rights of gay people in our country has finally passed at the Federal level. We’re not nearly as far along as we should be in giving gay and queer and trans people the equal rights they deserve, but we’re inching closer at a high level. And that makes me feel good, too.
I’m happy that this happened right before Christmas. It’s putting me into a slightly more giving spirit, which has been slow in coming for the past few weeks. I’ve felt very un-Christmas-y as my 3-months-at-a-time birth control reaches an end and PMS has plagued me for the past THREE WEEKS as my hormones gleefully announce that they’re ready for bleedy holiday fun. The stress of trying to host out of town visitors who always show up this time of year, maintain my blog and other projects, and finish Christmas shopping and shipping, and wondering where the hell all the presents I ordered online are (cause they’re damn well not here yet)… It’s been a lot. But knowing that President Obama and Congress just gave gays in the military their first open recognition EVER makes me feel all gooey inside! I think I hear sleigh bells…

2) As I already mentioned, my stress level has been keeping me from getting into the holiday spirit. The DADT repeal has helped, but I’ve been a little miffed by all these photo sets I see of beautiful porn stars in Christmas outfits, on bear-skin rugs in front of warm fireplaces, being all sexy. I feel the opposite of sexy when I’m stressed, and I don’t have a bear rug or a fireplace, OR a porn star, so how am I supposed to work off all this tension?
I just found an answer, and it’s giving me the warm holiday gooey feeling like crazy. Although I missed it by a day, I just learned that the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice, was also Global Orgasm Day for Peace! What a GREAT idea! According to their website, you should participate because: To effect positive change in the energy field of the earth through conscious dedication of orgasmic energy to the vibration of Peace. Our minds and our biology influence Matter and Quantum Energy fields, so by concentrating our thoughts before, during, and after orgasm on peace and loving-kindness, the synergy of high orgasmic physical energy combined with the power of positive visualization could help reduce global levels of violence, hatred and fear. Orgasm is the largest possible instantaneous surge of human biological and spiritual energies. It is a biological gift! What better way to achieve your resolution for Peace?”
Well, hot damn, I can agree with that! I don’t know exactly how our minds and biology influence quantum energy fields, cause I’m not very science-y, but if you really think about it, how could they NOT? And how could a whole day full of joyful, peaceful, proactive orgasms all over the world NOT be a good thing, whether it actually affects world peace in a meaningful way or not? And really, it seems like it’s GOT to affect it. How could a bunch of people who might otherwise be busy thinking about and doing other, less positive, things turning their thoughts and energies to something that is specifically NOT hurting anyone, be anything but a way to affect peace?
I like it. I may have missed The Big Day–and yes, I did; I was so busy yesterday and so PMS-y that I didn’t have ANY orgasms at all, alas–but I think I can make it a day late. Hey, one orgasm for peace a day late can’t hurt anything, right? Oh man, I feel so giving right now, so filled with the spirit of peace and holiday cheer… I think I’ll go turn on some and give Orgasms for Peace a go.

Merry merry!

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