Hey people, SUPER busy day so no time for big fancy new blog posts, but hey, it’s been a while since I’ve put on my Not-Doctor Lags, Sexpert hat, and I’m jonesing to give some advice. So send me your questions, neuroses, and ponderings on the subjects of sex, porn, relationships, or more sex and I’ll be HAPPY to do my best answering them!

And for serious, too. I don’t take your questions lightly, people. I write at length and try to cover as many angles of your issues as possible! Remember “How to Become a Male Porn Star” and “Too-Speedy Spew Strategies“? Both very serious! At any rate, look, peeps, I need more questions to answer or I’m gonna get all pent up and start raving about honesty and kids again, and nobody wants that! Send me your questions on Twitter: @misslagsalot, or via e-mail at!

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