LUNA LUNA Mag Columnist

I’ve just accepted a new writing gig, as a sex advice columnist for LUNA LUNA mag. Super psyched, because LUNA LUNA is a publication for grrrls who wear black nailpolish and engage in intellectual debate, who love getting all dark and writing/reading about stuff  “like malaise and nail polish and dreams and why I love being a girl and post-modernist lit and creepy poems and desert travel essays.”

I’ll be heading up the sex advice column, and also writing a “this is why the daily commute in NYC makes me want to die” column. Pretty goth, n’est ce pas? Did I spell that right? Anyway, send your sex advice questions, which you’d of course love answered in a kind of bored, drawling, goth-girl voice, to lunalunamag @ gmail! I’ll answer questions from anyone of any gender on any topic relating to sex, relationships, porn, or sex. Did I already say sex? I meant sex.

lynsey g columnist
Tell me all yer sex questions.

The sex column will start in early August, and my “GOD I HATE COMMUTING IN NEW YORK” column will start next Wednesday, July 24.

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