Paging the Not-Doctor

Guys, it’s been MONTHS since I did a Dr. Lags, Sexpert column! WTF! What have I been DOING with myself? Well, ok, we all know what I’ve been doing: ranting and raving about other things. But it’s time for me to get a little less spleen-y and more helpful! Anyone out there got a question they’d like the wise Not-Doctor Lags to field for them? A sex question? A relationship issue? A random existential meaning-of-life kind of pondering? Whatever you’ve got, throw it at me! Let’s INTERACT!

Leave questions in the comments section, Tweet ’em to me at @misslagsalot, or e-mail me at Pleeeease!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Dear Dr. Lags,

    It seems that straight males feel that the sexual holy grail is having a threesome with two women. However, there are women out there who, while open to such a possibility, face a double-standard. If a gal asks entertaining two dudes at once, her male partner often refuses to allow another guy into bed to participate.

    MFM and double penetration are common in porn, yet men gawk and scoff at male nudity in TV and film.

    Where do you think this anxiety comes from? Could it have to do with male possessiveness and virility? Perhaps a phobia that it will affect their sexual identity?

    Thanks for all you do.

    – DTDP


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